Monitor Wrap (19/11/18)

November 19 2018

There is not much going on in the Axanar world at this time.

There is still no Axacon report on, Carlos is still busy doing what Carlos does when he is not writing about Axanar.

A picture on Axamonitor’s FB group shows a belief by some out there that some shots in Prelude to Axanar are similar to those in the movies Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.

Maybe there are and maybe they are not similarities but regardless of that, current polling has 54% of respondents giving Prelude to Axanar a B rating and 29% giving it a rating of A.

The Ares Bridge currently has C rating leading on 38% with A closing the gap with a 31% share.

80% of respondents currently don’t think Axanar will be filmed in 2019 but the ‘No’ vote is decreasing.

Last Monitor Wrap we asked if Alec spent $37,000 of his own money or did he spend $220,000 of his own money and Jonathan Lane has provided us with an estimated answer.

‘Currently, Alec Peters reports putting somewhere between $150K and $200K of his own money into Axanar. My last update was in the $150K range several months ago. Since then, he’s laid out money for bridge materials (including 40′ monitors), equipment rental, hiring a film crew for Axacon, and about $5K for Axacon itself (including airfare and hotel for guests). My estimate is that he’s close to $200K if not over by now.’

So there we have it, the personal total is close to if not over $200,000.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (19/11/18)

  1. He talks about the money he’s put in like he thinks he deserves a prise or something. EVERY fan film producer has put in tons of their own money, that’s just what you do. Go ask Vic or James how much of their own money they spent BEFORE doing any crowdfunding, as opposed to Peters who put it in after.


  2. Intetesting that Lane mentioned those monitors since a stack of them was seen in the moving photos when Alec retreated to GA. Supposedly those monitors had been purchased awhile before so why is he supposedly buying more now?? Things like this are what set off alarm bells for people.


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