Poll Update (21/11/18)

November 21 2018

58% of voters so far give the bridge of the Ares a rating of C, the next best rating is A with 21% of the vote.

Prelude to Axanar currently has a B rating with 64% of voters so far choosing it, A is the next best rating with 24% of the vote.

The ‘No’ vote on the question on whether Axanar will be filmed in 2019 or not has gone back over 80%, it is currently sitting on 82%.

Overall it appears that voters are reasonably happy with Prelude to Axanar, they are in the middle when it comes to the Ares Bridge and they don’t hold much hope for Axanar in 2019.

Computer users can vote on the right hand side of the page and mobile users can scroll to the bottom of the page and vote there.

We will close the polls in two weeks time which should be enough time to paint a good picture.


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