Fans get update

November 27 2018

Axanar has released a new report on their Ares bridge, the list is similar in places to the November 6 report but there are a few changes to the list and a few developments too.

There is more discussion on Raspberry Pi’s and also power usage, computers that sucked up a lot of power can be replaced by the Pi’s or by Plexi.

We now know that the building can handle 200 amps without a generator, amps for those who need a refresher on energy is the measurement of current.

The TV needed for the Viewscreen has gone up 14 inches from 70 inch to 84 inch, a green screen has also been listed which is now in line with what Jon Tessler commented about earlier this month as hearing it at Axacon.

There were 52 monitors on the set and now the total has been whittled down to 38 monitors with Plexi taking over the monitors spaces that were cut.

One thing that doesn’t make sense is why 10 monitors ‘need to be replaced with plexis as they are installed vertically, rather than horizontally and don’t show up correctly on camera. We discovered this in screen tests in California.

Perhaps the monitors were put in so there were no holes in the wall for Axacon since the problem was discovered in California

It could also be that tests carried out in Georgia revealed the same results as California and so the monitors were cut.

The biggest news would have to be the 11 minute video update, unfortunately the video is only in 360p quality but if you want a good look at the Ares Bridge, the video shows it.

So far the video is popular with 5,911 views, 552 Thumbs Up ratings and 22 Thumbs Down ratings, all good signs for the production.

Meanwhile Axamonitor’s FB group has some action at last, a poll is running titled ‘What will we see first, Axanar or…’ and there is a wide selection of choices including toilet humor, Star Trek: The Worf Chronicles and other suggestions.

perhaps the best post is a story about Aaron Sorkin and his troubles of making a ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ play, those familiar with the Axanar story will know of at least one figure in the situation.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Fans get update

  1. Someone at Axanar must be dropping the ball techwise if they don’t know how to put the monitors in portrait mode. I get that it depends on the OS but it should be fairly easy to do no matter what.


    1. Right click anywhere on Desktop, choose Screen Resolution and change orientation for Windows 7, probably similar for other Windows OS, process takes about 10 seconds.


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