The Bridge of Possibilities

November 30 2018

Axanar’s Live Update on November 25 is approaching 20,000 views, it has over a thousand likes too.

There is a lot of anger directed at CBS in the comments, with a portion of those being about Discovery or as people call it ‘STD’.

It is impossible to please every Star Trek fan, some TOS fans didn’t like TNG coming along and then fans were wary of Deep Space Nine and then Voyager close behind it and then Enterprise after Voyager and the fanbase fractured by 2005.

Take a look at video games on Early Access on Steam, you will see game supporters say they want to see this, that and the other in the game to be happy but I can guarantee you that somebody won’t want this, that and the other and will say they want that, that and more of that instead and in the end somebody will be unhappy.

Some are unhappy at CBS because of the lawsuit, CBS changed the rules on Fan Productions because Fan Productions were seriously becoming professional, the amateur element was almost dead, Prelude to Axanar only had one non Professional on screen and that was Alec Peters himself, everyone else had decades of Film and Television experience.

CBS were also unhappy that studios were being made or improved for fan productions with an eye to use studios for post Fan Production use, Axanar supporters not only had to pay for the film they wanted to see but also help pay for the studio to be completed to make that film, it is like paying for a cake and also paying for some or for all of the ingredients that were used in that cake too.

The uncertainty of the Ares Bridge is a little concerning, of course somebody will say that because we’re ‘detractors’ we’d say that but the uncertainty of using computers, monitors,  Raspberry Pi and Plexi plus the elephant in the room which is whether people will donate enough for scenes to be filmed there gives pause for thought.

If Axanar doesn’t raise enough and no scenes will be filmed (not counting Special Features), it will be a true ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ because fans will get another Prelude to Axanar instead and future works will benefit from the bridge.

However with over 1,000 people liking the video from November 25, there is every possibility that they will raise enough to do what they want to do though they’ll have to do it privately and not with trumpets blaring the intention.

Bridge of Possibilities indeed.


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