New Axanar plan and more

December 4 2018

Axanar will not be filming this month or next month as originally envisioned according to the new Axanar Production Update.

Those who have read previous updates can skip about the first third as it is a recap of past installments for those who haven’t caught up yet.

December 2018 – January 2019 was mentioned by JG Hertzler in an interview with Jonathan Lane who also asked Alec about it, it appears that plan has been pushed back for the new plan.

The new plan is for shooting in LA during March-April 2019 and then Atlanta has a turn a month or so later which would put it at May or June 2019.

That puts post-production in the summer and then who knows what will happen next, some pundits reckon it will be a 2020 release instead of 2019.

It now appears certain that the Bridge will be filmed on so does that mean the bridge is in Axanar or will it be special features?

The script was considered locked during early 2018 so perhaps it was unlocked to accommodate the bridge or it was not unlocked for the bridge and people will see the bridge in special features.

We also now know there is 12 roles in the 30 minute production which is interesting as that’s doesn’t not a talking heads film cast unless everyone gets 2 minutes each or something.

Meanwhile voting on our fun little MTM’s Person of the Year poll is ongoing, Carlos Pedraza leads so far, you can vote on the side or bottom of this site or go here.

That’s it for today on this rainy, storm filled day.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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