MTM’s Person of the Year

December 2 2018

The end of the year is approaching so let us have some fun.

Who is MTM’s Person of the Year? Time has their Person of the Year so why not us?

Is it one of the three well known ‘Detractors’, Carlos, Shawn and Sandy? Carlos for, Shawn for his Axacon prank that drawn in plenty of attention or his Axamonitor FB page duties or is it Sandy for depending on who you ask asking the hard or amusing questions at FFF as well as other activities?

Is it Alec Peters, he’s on a roll at the moment, Axacon got off the ground, the Ares Bridge is nearing completion and in some fans eyes he is Star Trek’s Knight in Shining Armor with some Star Trek fans preferring Axanar to Discovery.

Could it be Jonathan Lane? We know he gets a lot of views and a couple of dollars a week from his work because he tells everyone so, he is the one stop shop for defending Axanar and is in the fan film business, could any of those reasons get your vote.

Perhaps it is even Trekzone’s Matthew Miller, his site talks both Star Trek and Star Trek Fan Films, He has done podcasts and video shows with people across the world including an upcoming one with Jonathan Lane and more.

So if you like to vote for fun, look to your right if you’re on computer and below for phone/tablet or just click here.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, all in the good fun that is December.


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