More to see, More to do

December 9 2018

Axanar has a new Production Log out, the good news is that those with motion sickness can watch this one without discomfort and secondly it is in HD Quality so you can see everything clearly.

Viewers will get to learn in the space of just over 10 minutes all about the Raspberry Pi’s, the bridge lighting and the effort used to get the bridge consoles panels to fit into the consoles and be properly lighted up.

At the end of the video, a second fan film was mentioned as being filmed on the Ares bridge next year, perhaps it is the one that Vance Major Owen mentioned as a future possibility on Fan Film Forum a while back.

The bridge does look good but we are more interested in what happens in the future, there is still a lot of unknowns and unknowns are always concerning because you want to know what is ahead of you especially if it deals with the parting of money.

There is definitely an increase of material and that is good for fans and it also serves as a V-2 for Axanar, soon they’ll reach V-1 and they will have to take off for the skies no matter what.

Meanwhile voting in MTM’s Person of the Year continues on there is a new challenger to Carlos’ hold on the title and that is Alec Peters.

It is kind of like Holden (General Motors) vs Ford in what used to be V8 Supercars from 1993 until they brought in the Nissans, Volvos and Mercedes a couple of years ago though you can choose who is which.

For those who love their motor racing check out Bathurst 1994 for a good Ford vs Holden race.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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