The voting explosion

December 10 2018

Yesterday I wrote that Alec Peters was challenging Carlos Pedraza to be MTM’s Person of the Year, not anymore it seems.

Carlos’ share of the vote rocketed to suddenly have 79% of vote while Alec and Shawn are tired for second place followed by Jonathan and Sandy and Matt Miller behind them (that could change soon with the Jonathan and Matt three part conversation).

Now before anybody goes on and on about ‘The Tractors’ (detractors) and say that only those pieces of machinery (people) visit here, people have voted for Jonathan and Alec.

When running a fun poll it is always possible that people could decide to pull our legs and vote for Alec or Jonathan but then again those who love Alec may want him to win another title.

Nobody can control what people think, nobody can control where somebody will go on the internet or what they post, anybody in the running can share the poll, how people respond to the poll is up to them.

Who knows what will happen by the time December 31 comes around, it is always interesting to see what the future will bring as we end 2018 on hopefully a fun note.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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