Poll Update (18/12/18)

December 18 2018

Carlos Pedraza continues to lead and Shawn P. O’Halloran has moved up into second place putting The Tractor Company in positions 1 and 2.

Matt Miller and Sandy Greenberg share fourth and Jonathan Lane is last but that can easily change.

Polls close on December 31 and you can vote once a week if you desire to vote often, click here if you wish to vote.

Part Two of ‘The Axanar Debate’ between Matt and Jonathan was uploaded to YouTube today (live premiere right this moment of writing), we hope that all listeners find something useful in the recording.

It is likely that today we will see posts from Matt, Jonathan and Carlos on Part Two and of course we will see mixed opinions on the subject on FB but that is democracy at its hopefully polite finest.


3 thoughts on “Poll Update (18/12/18)

  1. I’ve missed chatting with you mate, thanks for your post today.

    I won’t see the conversations on Facebook, because I’m no longer there.


    1. It was good to see the part two premiere get almost double what part one got.

      I’ve really struggled to write something this week, the poll update was the fourth attempt to write something.


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