Interview series launches

December 13 2018

Part one of the three part interview between Matt Miller and Jonathan Lane was launched this morning.

Over a dozen people listened to the live premiere of Part 1 with Matt Miller giving his thoughts and answering questions throughout the running of the video. has released its summary of Part 1 and it is really detailed but that is what many have come to expect from Carlos Pedraza when he writes a report.

Response to Axamonitor’s report is mixed, some are interested and some say they don’t care with Jonathan and Matt being called for example ‘windbags’.

Some people have dismissed the series without listening to a second of it but it has to be remembered that you can learn a lot more from what you hear than what you read, what you read can be shaped and edited to project the perfect message.

A live recorded interview on the other hand can be edited but both parties liked the final presentation so there can’t be really anything important deleted without one kicking up a stink about it.

You can hear a person being thoughtful, troubled, arrogant, confident, condescending, happy, friendly, distant, dominant and more, all the things you can only guess about in text.

The interview series isn’t a battle between an Axanar supporter and one of the ‘The Tractors’ because it is just two people with two different opinions being expressed on a series of issues in the hopes of one understanding where the other is coming from.

It is the listener’s job to listen to what both say and determine which viewpoint is the one that suits the listener the best.

People will listen and think things like Jonathan dug Axanar a hole or Matt is right about this viewpoint or Jonathan makes a lot of sense on Point B or C and so on and so forth.

Here is something to consider, Jonathan is considered to be dominating the conversation but what if Matt is just letting Jonathan dominate? People want to know the entire Axanar story and apart from Alec Peters, Jonathan is the best man to spit it all out.

There is so much to consider so take your time, there’s two parts to go and only time will tell

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “Interview series launches

  1. The mutually agreed idea was for an open dialogue between Jonathan and myself, without getting bogged down in circular arguments like some people desire.

    This 3 hour, 3 part edition of A Trekzone Conversation serves as the ‘raw’ footage and is provided as a record of the discussion. The following episode, on December 27, will be the official Trekzone Conversation episode.

    I feel that it is incumbent on the listener to draw their own conclusions and fact check assertions made by both Jonathan and myself… it serves little purpose for me to attack every answer Jonathan makes… imagine how much longer that would’ve made this.


    1. When Jonathan dodges your questions by bogging you down with minutia or by quibbling over word choice you should always call him out on it. The fact that you didn’t is why it kept happening. Jonathan realized he could distract you without actually answering the question. No one wanted circular arguing, what we wanted was Jonathan called onto the carpet for the false statements he and Alec have made. So far I see little sign that you are capable of that Matt. It seems more like you saw a chance to maybe grow your listener base rather then actually get legit answers.


      1. Thanks for watching part one. Part two will be released Tuesday and part three to follow on Thursday.


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