Karma? Seriously Again?

December 20 2018

The day started well for Axanar, the three part interview series was lauded as a Jonathan Lane win and everybody was happy though at Axamonitor there was concern how their camp looked after Matt Miller’s performance was blasted (they’ll be fine).

Then the day changed for whoever posts for Axanar posted news about Les Moonves, yes the man who cancelled Enterprise, the same man who cut Axanar’s hopes and dreams down to a third in length.

Mr Moonves is facing Sexual Assault (also reported as Misconduct) Allegations and he was fired and wanted severance pay, $120 million to be exact but he didn’t get it.

‘Karma is a b***h.’ says the Axanar FB page.

The problem I have with this is that people may of been sexual abused either mentally or physically by Mr Moonves and they did not go through what they allegedly went through so a fan production can go yippee years later when the guy they don’t like gets sacked.

If Mr Moonves was sacked because CBS had a bad run of shows after cancelling a bunch of high rating shows and did not have these allegations on him, that’s karma because he took away good shows and the replacements rolled snake eyes.

The sacking is not karma, the reasons behind it are serious and it should be remembered before going on about revenge or karma or anything similarly ridiculous.


4 thoughts on “Karma? Seriously Again?

  1. like I said, in response to Michael Hinman who despises me, they’ll find another way to self implode… whatever “damage” I do to the anti Axanar movement, the balance will shift back eventually.


      1. I just really hope people don’t think Moonves sacking because of the allegations is karma for the lawsuit against Axanar.

        The word Schadenfreude is being used in several comments but I have never seen it before this afternoon but apparently it means it is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. It is one of four related emotions or concepts. Schadenfreude is a complex negative emotion.


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