Part Three Released

December 20 2018

The third and final part of the interview series between Matt Miller and Jonathan Lane is now available for listeners to listen to.

There was no premiere this morning as Matt was out working so this part snuck up on people but it is available and ready for consumption.

This one runs for 57 minutes and this part is considered to be the most combative of the three parts.

Reports are already on Fan Film Factor and Trekzone did a small promo and a later reflection and no doubt Axamonitor will follow up next.

Anybody who has heard all the parts will hear one definite clanger, the status of Kate Vernon being in Axanar has changed in description in this part compared to being confirmed in Part 1.

Meanwhile there was a little bit of interest in our part two report and we found out the following courtesy of ‘Otto Fiid’.

Doing squat thrusts in a blender is a popular activity for those who would rather do anything else but listen to the show, our condolences go out to the blenders that suffer any trauma from this activity.

Matt is not considered a detractor, he must be very happy about that even if Jonathan thinks Matt is.

Jonathan is considered to be a paid shill, for those who don’t know what it is, here is one definition of an internet shill and also one about ‘to shill something’.

An Internet shill is someone who promotes something or someone online for pay without divulging that they are associated with the entity they shill for. A shill might create a Facebook or Twitter account, set up a blog or simply comment through these and other channels, such as discussion forums.

A person who poses as a customer in order to decoy others into participating, as at a gambling house, auction, confidence game, etc. a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty.

I don’t think he is a paid shill, he is closely tied to Axanar but he is not getting paid by Alec Peters to go on Fan Film Factor and pump up Axanar’s tyres, people would not be happy if they did that and I don’t think they’d be foolish enough to do that.

Lastly Otto has cut things down to a few simple questions and answers, if you believe they are simple questions and answers.

Has Peters made Axanar? No. Has he wasted/lost/used all of the money he raised? Yes. That’s all anyone really needs to know.

So there you have it, if you like to answer Otto, you can do so in our Part Two report or if he writes in here.

Matt is taking quite a bit of flak over his role in three part series, he gave it a shot and that is all anybody can do and sometimes it works out brilliantly and some times it doesn’t.

People are pointing out they would of done this, this and that and Matt has answered some of the critiques in his latest piece.

Matt broke the ice at last and got an interview and it hasn’t been easy for The Tractor Company (Detractors) to score an interview with either Jonathan or Alec.

Previously people had to wait until Alec talked to Jonathan or Matt or Carlos talked to Matt or Carlos talked to Michael to get something, in short the only way you got information was if it was from somebody on the same side of the fence.

People now have Jonathan Lane on record and the audio was approved by him, so it has his irrefutable seal of approval so if anything he says doesn’t jive with any found facts there it is for everyone to hear.

On the other hand anything he says that does jive with any found facts is now on the record and can be used as irrefutable proof that he is correct and there is nothing anybody can do to get around it.

So some will say Jonathan won the debate, some will say that it was a good chat, some will dismiss the show as being nothing of consequence, either way there is an opinion out there.

It will be interesting to see if Jonathan will have a conversation with Carlos or Michael in the near future, apparently those two are more of a challenge (‘or anyone with more than four brain cells’ as seen on Axamonitor’s FB group).

Don’t forget December 27 is the day that a 25 minute version is released for those who want to use a sixth of the time of the three hours.

Lastly, some good news for Matt, he has moved ahead of Sandy Greenberg in MTM’s Person of the Year’ poll and realistically can get up as high as second place in our fun poll, you can vote here if you wish to do so.

Until next time, be good to each other.


10 thoughts on “Part Three Released

  1. Thanks mate, now that I’m not on Facebook I don’t get to read all the fun, inane comments from those in the Axamonitor group… least of all the grub Michael Hinman.


    1. A good portion of the people there are nice but there are some people there who aren’t (happens in every group) and unfortunately it has been seen today.

      Now you’re getting called ‘Slower Miller’, it has to be noted Carlos told everyone to stop name calling and he put it in capital letters.

      It is saddening to see people have to resort to nasty names to describe people and what they do or try to do.

      Don’t get suckered in and blast anyone back or call anybody something back, just tick the box that was the interview and get on with preparing for Christmas and then getting ready for the next fan film report or podcast.


      1. It’s a mixed bag, some don’t like you (two definitely don’t), some offer nice critique and some have been complimentary.

        The promotion of the show went sideways but it happens, it is kind of like when they tried to promote Last Action Hero they said it was fantasy, a kinder Arnie movie and an Arnie movie parody and it suffered at the Box Office.

        It looks like people are skipping over words again because in your reflection piece you said “would drive new listeners to my show – or newcomers to Axanar” but it appears people are skipping ‘or newcomers to Axanar’.

        I guess everyone rushes when it comes to an opinion in the Axanar world, we got to slow down, stay calm and think.


      2. No, it’s that you played the anti Axanar position so by default represented all “detractors” and did a crap job of it. You gave Lane questions in advance and didn’t prepare yourself. You gave the AxaFans ammunition to crow about and since you represented us you made all of us look bad.

        That is the issue. No one cares that you left Facebook or the AxaMonitor page.


  2. Oh, and the reason I called Lane a “paid shill” is because court filings from the trial he says he’s a “writer for Axanar”. His “payment” may have been in patches or other goodies instead of cash but he’s certainly a part of their inner circle. I highly doubt he went to AxaCon on his own dime.


    1. Dude, I so WISH I had been paid! Do you know how many dozens of hours I’ve put into correcting all the misleading nonsense that you detractors try to spread on like stucco over the Great Pyramid of Giza??? But yeah, Alec did give me (and my son Jayden, who was four at the time) a set of free Axanar patches. He also bought us lunch (not sushi–Jayden wanted a quesadilla). So I guess you’ll have to call Jayden and me BOTH paid shills. 🙂

      Anyway, Otto, the fact that you feel the need to resort to calling your me (or Matt or anyone) names means you don’t have any solid footing for your arguments…which I’m sure you know deep down in your heart (assuming it’s actually in there somewhere).

      As I pointed out in the YouTube comments section…

      The reason that Matthew performed so “poorly” (as you call it) is that he decided to take an approach that so many of you know nothing about: CIVILITY. Matt was POLITE to me (and I to him). Rather than just calling me names or spouting a parade of the same old arguments, he LISTENED. And I appreciated that. Matt scores over most of the rest of you detractors because he is willing to at least TRY to see beyond the echo-chamber and allow the other side to have its say without simply tuning it out, calling bullshit, or trying to shout over it.

      You detractors should actually be ashamed of yourselves for being so negative to one of your own (which is why Matt no longer wants to be one of your own). If you keep tearing each other apart like this, your attrition is only going to accelerate.

      While Axanar is rising and moving forward, you detractors aren’t simply stagnating but you’re actually putrefying as you rot in an ever more concentrated morass of your own anger, resentment, and hatred. On the supporter side, we don’t eat our own. We love and respect each other, and share a dream of creating something amazing. What’s your dream? It’s hard to tell, but it certainly doesn’t create anything or add to the sum of the universe…unless you count adding vitriol and venom as somehow contributing to a greater whole. Frankly, I don’t.

      You embarrass yourselves with almost every crass, ignorant, bottom-feeding word you type. And the fact that only a precious few of you realize that fact says so much more about your own lack of values and value to the world than anything Alec has or could ever do.


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