The adventure continues

December 30 2018

While the Southern Hemisphere was mostly asleep, our friends in the north decided to have an action packed day.

Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters got into a stoush online and it appears the court system may be having guests in the future.

By 9am this morning (Australian time), Mr Burnett (RMB) was doing his live YouTube show and the first half talked about Axanar and the second half answered questions and over 130 people tuned in to watch it live.

Reportedly some videos made by RMB will be making their way online in the near future and it is going to cause a big stir hence the stoush mentioned earlier, the centre of the problem appears to be about a video of Alec Peters acting out a scene from ‘A Few Good Men’ that RMB has.

There are also other issues that are best explained by visiting here which will take you to RMB’s Twitter.

Axanar Fans and The Tractors of Axanar now have on their computers a PDF file titled ‘Axanar-v11-NX_Shooting’,  the script written by Bill Hunt and Alec Peters.

Please remember that Axanar takes place 15 years before Prelude to Axanar which is important because of what comes next.

In January 2016 it was announced that Alec Peters was not going to be in Axanar so this version was not going to have Alec Peters in it unlike the current version of Axanar which by all appearances will.

The three reasons were Alec was not a professional actor, Garth needs to be younger for Axanar and Axanar is not a vanity project, you can see the reasons for yourself here.

There is a loophole to reason #2 and that is that Alec said that he ‘may be in future installments of The Four Years War’ as the older Garth which may explain his involvement in the smaller Axanar.

From the looks of it, Axanar would of had everything, there was love, loss, away missions, space combat, bravery, Klingon ambition, tactics, friendship and more.

It also answers a problem that was highlighted in Prelude to Axanar and that was that the Enterprise was there but the USS Enterprise wasn’t really there, it was a decoy.

But here’s the twist, Enterprise under the command of Robert April arrives on the scene during the battle thanks to a tow by three Vulcan ships to help turn the tide in Starfleet’s favor.

Viewers would of also found out how Chang lost one of his eyes as well, totally interesting stuff.

The script to me suggests that Axanar would of had a lot of muscles and a lot of cash was going to be needed in order for the movie to truly flex them.

Imagine if it was made and it was good as everyone hoped, a new arms race would of developed, Continues may of attempted to do the Star Trek Phase II movie or any of the aborted attempts of a movie, Renegades may of stacked on the kilos to be a complete heavyweight.

CBS was right to put it all to an end, the course that the major players of fan films set sail on was way ahead of the spirit that originally brought people to make fan films which was the pure love of Star Trek.

There was no warehouses to worry about, no elaborate sets, no professionals dominating the landscape, no kickstarter or indiegogo, nobody could make a future career from a fan film and so on and so forth.

It would of been interesting to see what RMB could of done if given the go ahead to film the first 30 minutes, it could of been one of the biggest cliffhangers of all time or perhaps they would of received a future exception for the next 60 minutes, who knows.

Axanar has to be the craziest adventure in all of fan productions, it has had it all over the last couple of years from changed plans to bridge construction to Axacon to fights to lawsuits and that’s what makes it so interesting, what will be the final destination?

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “The adventure continues

  1. I think you’re doing a bit of a disservice to RMB by just saying he’s in an online spat with Peters.

    Peters threatened to sue him earlier in the year which cost Rob “thousands” to get in front of and Peters lawyer quit when he couldn’t provide any evidence. This time he’s threatened to sue him again and sent a letter to Rob’s business partner saying that Alec was going to “destroy” Rob’s reputation. It is only after all that that Rob decided to go public. That’s a bit more than a spat.

    Peters has a history of this. He previously brought a defamation case against someone, lost, was ordered to pay damages, and instead declared bankruptcy stiffing the defendant and his own lawyer.

    I’m quite excited about this. We’ll finally get to see bits from what the Axanar feature should be.


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