Monitor Wrap (4/1/19)

January 4 2019

2018 ended with a bang and this year has started with a bang and a couple of secondary explosions along with some gains.

Robert Meyer Burnett spoke at length about his role in the Axanar production in episodes nine and eleven of his YouTube show ‘Robservations’.

One mystery from the series is what did Jonathan Lane mean when he said ‘Roberservations’? was there a title mistake? Rober is considered closer to Robert than Rober or does Rober sound a lot like Robber?

Robert’s revelations has enthralled ‘The Tractors’ (detractors, critics) and has angered those close to the Axanar production.

The Axamonitor FB group is doing a roaring trade at the moment  on the subject though the website hasn’t had anything new since Part 2 of the Axanar Debate/Battle/Chat/Interview and there is still nothing on Axacon for this curious about it.

The Axanar page has not said anything though Alec Peters’ Facebook account does hint about legal action as was mentioned several days ago and while RMB is not mentioned, he doesn’t have to be for people to give colourful descriptions.

Those wondering why Jonathan Lane hasn’t said anything at Fan Film Factor no longer have to wonder as he talked about his position at Fan Film Forum via replying to a comment.

While it might frustrate the detractors, I have been advised not to comment or blog on the subject of Alec and Rob because it may soon involve pending litigation where I have been in close (and privileged) communication with both sides. So this is all I will be saying on the subject.

A video of Alec Peters being taught acting was uploaded to YouTube but was hit with a copyright claim a short time later, however thanks to programs that allow people to copy videos, the video is still floating around the internet.

The video was shot months before Alec decided not to star in the feature length Axanar but remained open to being in the shorts which are now the current Axanar plan.

If a lawsuit between Rob and Alec happens, it would be interesting to know if the case will involve a good look at the financial numbers to show where any purchases came from.

‘The Axanar Defender’ has been kept busy in the last week, he was present during Robservations episodes and he has revealed in a YouTube comment that Axanar will be setting up a Patreon account.

There are no further details on the running of this account though there are questions on whether or not any videos made by Axanar is regarded as public fundraising and break settlement rules.

For those unfamiliar with Patreon, say I make a video singing (you don’t want to see that) and you are so impressed by my singing that you end up saying that you’ll pay me $5 per song capped at $15 a month.

So I record three music videos on YouTube and I pocket your $15 at the start of the month, thank you very much.

Meanwhile Axanar recently celebrated the success of its December 27 video as it is currently up to 89,000 views and an update on the patches has received 11,000 views.

The success of the December 27 video has led to claims that ‘haters are irrelevant’, only the future will tell if that is a true statement or not.

Until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (4/1/19)

  1. Have to say Jonathan’s comment about why he isn’t commenting makes little sense, unless he is expecting to actually part of said lawsuit. He isn’t a doctor or a lawyer so there is no legal requirement for confidentiality on his part. The god’s honest truth seems to me to be that he cannot counter most of what RMB had to say or he is far more involved in the running of Axanar Productions than he claims. Either look is bad for him though.


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