Sargon and Sets

January 21 2019

Reel Trek! is up to Episode 2 now and it appears that it is a very controversial one.

I don’t know much about a lot about political actions but I usually see ‘The left….’ or ‘The right….’ I start thinking ‘Left, Right, Left, Right, Left!’.

I don’t care about left wing, right wing, liberal, conservative and any other labels people give each other, I only care about right and wrong decisions.

From what I understand, there is this guy called Sargon of Akhad (not this Sargon and not this Sargon of Akhad either) and he has said some nasty things about people and Patreon took his right to be funded away.

The banning has upset some people and it has upset some of those who back Axanar who refuse to give money on Patreon and Alec talked about it and those who aren’t fans of Sargon are not happy with Alec’s take on things.

Whether it will impact Axanar’s coffers is unknown but they are 15.05% of the way to their goal of $4000 a month.

Back to Axanar

For those wondering how many sets Axanar has laying around, the answer is more than one.

In the background of one of Ares Studios videos about the Raspberry Pi’s you can see a wall with two viewing ports, these look a lot part of the quarters shown in 2015 and below you can see a picture for yourself.

Also laying around is the emblem of Starfleet Academy which hopefully by now has been picked up and hangs in a nice place.

So there we go, while the Transporter was turned into sawdust, it appears that there are several walls scattered around for future usage.

Finally, last time we mentioned PayPal being an option for Ares Studio (and in turn Axanar), you can see those comments here.

“Paypal will likely be our first alternative. Indiegogo we have worked with before and I’m not sure if Alec is up to Crypto but I will bring it up.”

Stoggy must be thinking about Ares Studio using Indiegogo in the future as Axanar Productions cannot use Indiegogo.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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