Monitor Wrap (20/1/19)

January 20 2019 has a new Axanar story after some time keeping readers up to date on what is going on with the Tardigrades lawsuit.

Jonathan Lane gave readers his thoughts on the premiere of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Reel Trek!‘ premiered yesterday with over 200 people watching it live and Axanar taken in around $100 in donations and the show ran for an hour and thirteen minutes.

The video needs work as it was lagging which may not help those who get motion sickness but the audio came through pretty good.

Ares Studios has a Patreon account but some Axanar fans have sworn off Patreon in protest of Patreon’s actions with members and so an alternative funding option is coming up, a PayPal account is expected to come.

So it turns out that Stoggy’s claims about Patreon was correct only it was under Ares Studios and not Axanar.

The Patreon account has had a good start with just over 10% of the monthly goal of $4,000 being reached in under a day.

The weird thing about Reel Trek! and the Patreon Promo is that both videos were on Axanar’s channel, both videos should of really been on Ares Studios channel especially if the Axanar team are trying to keep the two seperate when it comes to fundraising.

Another weird thing is that the pitch for Ares Studios contains photos that came from November 2015 before Axanar even landed in Georgia making the mentioned sets future possibilities.

Would the $100 or so given on ‘Reel Trek!’ using Axanar’s YouTube account equal crowdfunding, who knows.

Meanwhile RMB deconstructed another piece of the Axanar feature film that wasn’t allowed to get off the ground, it is amazing to see what happens when people come together to make something.

That’s pretty much it.

Until next time, be good to each other.



2 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (20/1/19)

  1. Probably find in why he didn’t put it up on the Ares YouTube channel, besides most likely there isn’t one created, is with YouTube for getting monetization of the channel you required to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view time within a 12 month period. Also to get super chat, you need to have 1000 subs to have it activated during live streaming.

    Setting up a new channel for Ares Studios, would mean that they wouldn’t be able to get money from it until they meet the requirements.


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