It is all by the numbers

January 31 2019

A new battle is erupting in the Axanar world and it is about numbers.

At the moment, the Axanar camp is feeling pretty good about themselves and so they should, the Patreon account is doing alright, it is up to $1,085 from 123 patrons.

50% or so would be ‘well’ but $1,085 at the beginning of each month is something lots of productions from videos to games would like to have, anybody would love $1,085 at the start of each month.

But the argument from those who question what is going on with Axanar is that Axanar’s long term track record indicates that Ares Studios is finding it harder to rake in the cash compared to previous Axanar related efforts.

Jonathan asked me yesterday if I was embarrassed by the total of ‘detractors’ compared to the amount of Patrons of Axanars supporters and I asked him if he is embarrassed that only (now) 123 people will wave their cash for the first time in February out of the 73,000 people that Axanar counts as supporters.

The answer from my perspective is no, I am not embarrassed by the total compared to the other total, it has zero currency in my mind the chest beating about numbers.

Now to the next numbers battle brings in Prelude to Axanar.

Prelude is considered by the majority to be a success, you will be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t like it.

However Prelude to Axanar is not Axanar, the two productions stand apart, they are or will be different in length, they will have different directors, writers, different crew members, cast members, different set locations, different studio location and more.

Below is some more things to consider

Prelude is a completed production
Axanar is in Pre-Production
Prelude was filmed in California
Axanar will be filmed in California and Georgia
Axanar might not be even filmed at Ares Studios (conditions apply)
The plan for Axanar seems vague or open to interpretation
Ares Studios wants fans to help pay the rent and utilities costs
Four years have passed since Prelude to Axanar was released
Viewing total of Prelude to Axanar does not change Axanar’s status

All the boasts about how many ‘detractors’ there are and how many Axanar supporters there are does not matter.

The total of views that Prelude to Axanar has does play a part in the current situation Axanar is in though its marketability may influence the fortunes of Axanar.

The status of Axanar is what matters, if something doesn’t sound right on any side of the arguments then speak up, there is no shame in saying that something doesn’t sound right.

There is too much chest beating going on about numbers, we should be caring about actions or inactions, right and wrong.

Take the time to go through everything you see and hear, I can bet that most people read a line or so and automatically dismiss an argument, I challenge people to change their perception.

Lastly, we did get a couple of comments on Monitor Wrap (30/1/19), I urge everyone to have restraint in your words, there is no need to get all personal even if you all don’t like each other.

Facts is the only thing that matters, I know my call will most likely be swept aside in the chaos that can erupt but let’s try keeping families, sleeping arrangements and any other gripes to ourselves instead of throwing it across the internet.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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