Monitor Wrap (4/2/19)

February 4 2019

Databases, Google Drives, Patreon, Axacon, Percentages and Mike Bawden have dominated the last couple of days.

Databases and Google Drives

Databases and Google Drives, occasionally you will read that there are databases and google drives out there filled with screenshots and other bits and pieces from Axamonitor.

It can get really personal in Axamonitor’s FB group and it can get really nasty there but we all know that places like The Real Truth About Axanar are not clean as a whistle either.

You only have to read our collection of words to know that it is a two way street.

Some say there is a tit for tat mentality happening, somebody will do something and a response has to be given with equal toughness/nastiness.

Can you imagine some poor legal men and women on a bunch of computers going through screenshot after screenshot of comments from both sides?

Who knows if the whole databases and drives thing is a real thing.

Mike Bawden

As first reported on Trekzone and then Axamonitor, Mike Bawden is no longer Axanar’s PR Director and is now doing other things with his life such as running his business etc amd we wish him well with that.

This news chewed up a lot of Sunday (Australian time) and dominated conversation at Axamonitor’s FB group.


The Ares Studios Patreon account is up to $1,233 per month and while the numbers are not rapidly rising compared to the early days, it is still rolling forward.

Jonathan Lane coming to Axanar Confidential

Jonathan Lane is going on Axanar Confidential to tell the world why he has stuck with Axanar.

Alec’s latest episode of ‘Reel Trek’ had problems with viewers unable to properly hear his guest and so it better be sorted out quickly otherwise all that viewers will hear of Jonathan is a kind of mumble that no words can be made out from.

Some people are amused by this guest appearance as Jonathan is known to dislike ‘echo chambers’ and his appearance on Axanar Confidential fits the definition of ‘echo chambers’.

Examples of what have been declared to be echo chambers have been the following

Michael Hinman interviewing Carlos Pedraza
Matt Miller interviewing Carlos Pedraza
Jonathan interviewing Alec (later put in writing)


Speaking of Michael and Carlos, Michael has released the segment of his show that Carlos talked about being at Axacon, well he was at SphinxCon for all but one segment of Axacon.


While Jonathan’s previous estimation of 65 ‘Detractors’ (sometimes reported as approximately 65) was broken and he has now upgraded the count to 80, at least one person believes he wasn’t wrong based on percentage.

The argument (that can be seen here) is that 65 out 908 is 7.15% and 80 out of 908 is 8.81% and that is less than 2% difference.

Additionally it is said that in the world of statistical analysis, it is within the acceptable margin for error.

While it is a good argument, the only problem is that percentages were not part of the original argument, it was plain 65 or approximately 65 not what percentage of people comment at Axamonitor.


The world is still turning despite everything that has gone on and that is not a bad thing.


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