Monitor Wrap (11/2/19)

February 11 2019 has increased activity over the last week with newsletters now coming out with more in depth detail than regular postings, this means that Axamonitor’s FB group has also increased business.

Those who have stated that Carlos has not written about Axacon can now relax as there now is a written report on Axacon backed up by an audio report on Axacon that was released in November when Carlos talked to Michael Hinman on Alpha Waves Radio.

One interesting thing is that while Jonathan talked to Matt about the Alpha Waves Radio interview in December, he did not mention the talk about Axacon but did talk about Carlos not writing a blog.

Trekzone has put up a transcript of all three parts of the interview between Matt Miller and Jonathan Lane, word search is a really handy feature of a browser to find certain topics like Axacon, Kate Vernon, Carlos etc.

Ares Studios appears to be set to move from their studio in May but the good news for them is that the rent is cheaper at their future location and they can carry their stuff too as the new studio will be next door so no moving vans etc are required.

There is a downside to the moving and that is that Ares Studios will be smaller in size as the future location is not as big as the current Ares Studios.

The Patreon campaign has moved up into the $1500 range with the total currently standing at 171 patrons at $1515.

YouTube numbers for Reel Trek and Axanar Confidential are falling though Superchat totals don’t appear to be falling off as badly as three figures is still the normal especially when fundraising for puppies.

Axanar Confidential #3 currently has a 61% drop on Episode 2 despite Jonathan Lane being on it and the episode was controversial for its mentions of terrorists, dicks, disloyalty and loss of erections.

It appears that very few if any Axanar supporters found any of the above mentions of people being dicks or people losing erections rude.

Axanar Confidential #4 will have Mark Edward Lewis as its next guest.

Reel Trek’s Episode 5’s drop of 1.4k may be a result of Alec being on the road and not having his camera operational, it may also close the gap to episode 4 a good portion by the time episode 6 airs.

There is something interesting about the figures, an upload of a section of Axanar Confidential #2 about the Ares has over twice as many views as the episode itself, that could mean people either want to know about the Starships or technical details or they just like a shorter length of video.

Axanar Confidential
Episode 1 – 15k
Episode 2 – 5.9k
Episode 3 – 2.3k

Reel Trek
Episode 1 – 5.4k
Episode 2 – 4.7k
Episode 3 – 4.4k
Episode 4 – 3.2k
Episode 5 – 1.8k

So that is just some of the topics going on in the Axanar world right now, if you have thoughts on any of the topics don’t forget you can comment about them on MTM as long as you are polite that means no calling people Dicks, Precious, Captain Prolapse etc

Until next time, be good to each other.


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