Monitor Wrap (7/2/19)

February 7 2019

Jonathan has written about Axanar’s fan made comic series being back in action, he also wrote about how Axanar has inspired people to create, Jonathan talked about how Axanar inspired people in Axanar Confidential #3.

Carlos has continued to converse with the folks at The Real Truth About Axanar, it may take people quite a bit of time to read through all the comments as there are currently 55 messages and there will probably be more soon.

TRTAA has a good card up their sleeve which I call the ‘Carlos did not write about Axacon‘ card, unfortunately for Carlos it is fact that he did not write about Axacon and it seems some people believe that the Alpha Waves Radio interview that discussed Axacon doesn’t count.

They also have the ‘Jonathan schooled Matt’ card which has racked up some mileage over the last couple of months and it may be used until the end of time.

One of the sad parts about the conversing is that words like prostitute are thrown around, Carlos is apparently a prostitute based on being judged to be ‘devoted to corrupt purposes‘, Jonathan believes Carlos is closer to the definition of ‘a person (such as a writer or painter) who deliberately debases his or her talents (as for money)’.

Speaking of Jonathan, he had an email exchange with Matt after Axanar Confidential #3 and things taken a turn which led to Jonathan posting the private conversation, it wasn’t right of Matt to bring kids into a discussion especially when saying that a kid was starving which would insult any parent no matter the context.

Shawn P. O’Halloran has challenged Alec Peters to a debate that would be on the Axanar YouTube channel, no holds barred and uncensored, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Alec has discussed the accusations against Vic Mignogna and said that ‘haters’ have refused to acknowledge their fellow hater’s behaviour, Sandy Greenberg has responded on Axamonitor’s FB group.

A current total of 142 patrons will be giving Ares Studios a total of $1,421 per month.

So there we have it, so much for people to go through and the tonnage can rise in a hurry out there on the internet.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (7/2/19)

  1. To clarify that child starving remark, and Jonathan knew full well exactly what I meant, it was an off hand remark meant as a reply to how overt the Axanar spokesperson is about talking about his son in all sorts of contexts.

    Also remember that what I said was in a private email communication, and there was no reason for Jonathan to post it except to deflect from his dismal and crude performance on Confidential.

    What that said, for any offence caused… I apoligise.


  2. Some points you’re missing here:

    1. The topic of the thread on the Real Truth group is that Jonathan Lane accused me of never reporting anything positive about Axanar, particularly noting the key people he says has joined the project, such as writer-director Paul Jenkins.

    Consequently, I said I would be happy to interview these new key people and even conceded in advance to a number of rules for said interviews, including allowing any of the interviewees to withdraw from the interview if they felt like I was not behaving appropriately. I also agreed in advance that if any of the interview subjects believed the final article misrepresented what they told me, I would give them prominent space to correct the record.

    Jonathan, of course, refused to grant access to any of these key people; I have always been barred from talking to them. I wondered aloud how he expected anyone to report what he believed was something positive about Axanar if I was routinely barred from talking to any of the people in the best position to in fact *say* something positive about the project. The Catch 22 of his complaint and his refusal to grant me access appeared to be lost on him.

    2. While Shawn O’Halloran’s offer of a debate with Alec Peters is a lot more showy, we all know that’s highly unlikely. Frankly, the possibility of me interviewing the Axanar creatives who could speak positively about the project was far more tenable.

    3. The thread to which you refer is a perfect example of how Jonathan dissembles on behalf of Axanar. Despite the fact I have always treated him civilly, he feel perfectly justified in calling me a dick or a prostitute because of what *other people* say about him. The he goes off on a tangent about how he wasn’t *literally* calling me a prostitute, just that I was debasing myself by employing my abilities to denigrate Axanar (p.s. *not* for money, so the prostitution analogy falls apart there). The bottom line is, Jonathan now often resorts to name-calling (he once spent an entire blog post calling someone a moron), and I do not.

    4. This notion that somehow I haven’t written about Axacon because I’m hiding some wonderful thing that I observed is a canard. While, yes, Alec and Jonathan were quite gracious in inviting me to sit in on the con’s final panel (and I don’t want to minimize that) the reality is that what I attended was the a trivia contest. I was barred from seeing ANY of the stuff they say I’m holding back on (e.g., the panels, the guests, the schedule, the nearly completed bridge set, etc). All of it. They posted a guard outside every single panel to keep me out. How positive an experience would that have been to you?

    While I wish I had been able to publish my observations from non-participating in this event I have to put food on the table, and I had paying clients at the time to whom I was obliged to deliver on an accelerated timeline, and that had to take precedence. AxaMonitor is a completely volunteer effort; I don’t have Jonathan’s advantage of not having to work in order to indulge in his blogging. I work as a freelance writer and producer; I have to take paying gigs as I get them, and I don’t have the privilege of saying no to paying work.

    I reported on my experiences at Axacon (quite positively, I think) within several days of the event in my Alpha Waves Radio interview to an audience of ostensibly equal or greater size than the readers of the AxaMonitor website (which Jonathan loves to point out is ranked only 2 millionth in audience size). I advertised my appearance on Alpha Waves Radio on Twitter and on Facebook — all the places regular AxaMonitor readers look for me to advertise my goings-on. The claim that somehow that doesn’t “count” is a desperate effort to deflect from the falsity of their charges. I invite you to listen to that interview and tell me how evenhanded you feel my reporting was about Axacon given the fact they kept me out of almost all of it.



    1. I heard the free replay of the interview on Odysy when it aired and I thought it was a very detailed report on what you found when you went to SphinxCon.

      Unfortunately for you, your work intervened to not make an article possible and those who think Axamonitor is unfair were given ammunition despite everyone knowing you’d be on AWR and Odysy.

      It is entirely possible that you were allowed to attend that one panel because they knew that you would have to write about it and the recording of panels etc ensured that both sides had to match.

      The whole Axanar thing can be like politics and if there is a gap on any topic, it will be exploited.

      I’ll get to the rest of your points in a bit, my anxiety is starting to be felt in my chest and fingers so I got to take a rest.

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