It is not Karma

February 20 2019

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my unhappiness that allegations of Sexual Misconduct against Les Moonves was considered Karma because he led CBS when they sued to stop Axanar.

Life did not decide that some women would allegedly have a traumatic experience just so the head of a fan production/Independent Star Trek film can have some sort of personal revenge.

As many of you know, former Star Trek Continues star Vic Mignogna has been accused of sexual harassment and Alec Peters has previously had plenty to say about it on The Real Truth About Axanar and earlier today he had said some more.

As you have seen, Alec also says that Shawn O’Halloran pals around with Vic seemingly trying to tie together that those who don’t like Alec or Axanar are all bad.

Shawn who frequents the AxaMonitor FB group says that he has only met Vic once and has even put up a picture of that particular meeting.

Is it bad that Shawn was in a photograph with four other people at STLV where it is common to meet Star Trek fans, actors and fan production stars etc.? No it is not.

It is interesting that on the left hand side of the picture is none other than Gary Graham, one of the stars of Prelude to Axanar and also Axanar when it is made.

Does that make Gary Graham a bad guy for being there too? No it does not.

There is no doubt that several fans of Axanar have met Vic, there is no doubt that several people who are in AxaMonitor’s FB group have met Vic as well, does that make them bad people? No it does not.

There is something else that people must know and that is that Vic and Alec were once together in partnership at Dilithium Productions, LLC in 2011.

The sexual harassment claims are not karma because Vic didn’t like Axanar or anything else that go on between Alec and Vic, that’s the bottom line on that issue.

Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Misconduct or any sex crime for that matter is serious, the alleged victims do not deserve what they say happened to them be turned into personal vengeance about something as trivial as not liking a fan production/independent Star Trek production.

If respect for women and victims of sex crimes is so important then we should never see karma and the alleged actions of Les Moonves and Vic Mignogna be linked together ever again when it comes to Axanar.


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