Monitor Wrap (23/9/18)

February 23 2019

Trekzone’s new video is out now and it features Christian Gossett, the man who directed and co-wrote Prelude to Axanar and he gives his take on events before, during and after Prelude to Axanar plus he responds to Alec Peters’ comments that were made on Axanar Confidential #3.

Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters are officially going to go head to head in court, the big winners so far are the lawyers as clients equal money for them. has continued its high rate of articles and news developments as well as newsletters and Axamonitor’s FB group is a hive of activity discussing everything from Lawsuits to RMB’s opinions.

Axanar Connect is now called ‘The ACTUAL Truth about Axanar and Axamonitor‘, it will be interesting to see what the actual truth is as TRTAA says that they are the real truth.

Ares Studios’s Patreon is sitting on $1,798 and for those interested on its movements it has not moved a dollar for at least 24 hours but the next episode of Reel Trek is coming up in a few hours time and it is certain that it will help Ares Studios pass $1,800 today as people always contribute during the airings of Reel Trek and Axanar Confidential.

Fan Film Factor is pretty quiet but it has reported that Stage 9 Studios is now known as The Neutral Zone.

That’s a look at some of the news that is going on at the moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.



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