Positive and Negative Reporting

March 16 2019

Positive and Negative Reporting, an issue that has had plenty of attention over time.

There has been a bit of chatter over time in different groups and pages about reporting positively and reporting negatively on fan productions.

On one side there is the belief that only good things about a fan production should be reported about, doing just that would cause people to accuse you of being biased.

On another side you have the belief that when something bad is happening with a fan production, that issue should get nothing less than full attention because people have the right to know.

Of course if you go full negative, then there would be accusations of being biased.

Then you’ve got the middle of the road, report on the good and the bad in the one go and let people decide what to believe based on everything they’ve seen.

If somebody reports on only the positive aspects, would not reporting on the bad things be considered misleading? What if somebody who gives their moral and financial support to a production not knowing that the hidden bad aspects are against their values?

If somebody reports on only the negative aspects, would not reporting on the good by considered misleading as it may be felt that any positive aspects may override the negative?

Readers should cast their net out far and wide when seeking information on a fan production, take your time reading through everything before making your decision, don’t go to just one location and base a decision on what you see there.

Until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “Positive and Negative Reporting

  1. Much agreed with the Middle of the Road approach to info on our fan film hobby, operating on the optimistic assumption that we fan film buffs are adults.


    1. This hobby of ours requires a lot of time and a lot of patience.

      We can’t afford to immediately accept what we’re told but we also cannot automatically dismiss what we’ve been told.

      So we must always retrace the steps that Axanar or AxaMonitor etc had taken with the hope that we find that their facts are correct or we find that there are contradictions or additional questions that need asking.


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