March 13 2019

I have noticed over time that everything is a competition about what Axanar has compared to what everyone else has

It is not unusual to see comparisons on the following topics

– YouTube subscribers
– YouTube video views
– Blog views
– Blog monetization
– Patreon subscribers
– Patreon money total
– Life Achievements

An example of this competition is one post from The Real Truth About Axanar, some school kids had done a film on the Ares Bridge and that is good for them but the moment is spoiled when the following was said ‘What have the haters done?

Those who disagree with Alec Peters have responded on AxaMonitor’s FB group and I personally believe that they didn’t have to defend their livelihoods or their history because everyone has done something in their lives and they don’t have to defend it to a guy who won’t read the responses or acknowledge them.

Somebody is always going to do something or have something that another person has not done or does not have but if somebody wants to boast about what they have done or what they’ve got then they will look foolish as nobody wants a grand-stander.

Take a look at the above video, it will show from the 1min 30sec mark a guy marking (catching) a Football and he is pumping himself and the crowd up before he kicks the ball between the big posts for a goal (six points).

That’s all well and good except for one problem………after all the fists in the air etc he didn’t kick a goal as the ball drifts to the right for a behind (one point).

The funny thing going on at the moment is that all of the seven topics that are being turned into competitive sports have nothing to do with Axanar.

You can have all the subscribers that you want to have, all the views you like, all the readers you desire, compare Patreon campaigns all you wish and boast about achievements as much as you want but at the end of the day there is still a fan production to be made.

For those who like to pick on what is going wrong, focus on what is being said about every step of the production and wonder if it makes sense to you or not, take below for example.

While Alec talks about the Patreon campaign helping preserve the Ares Bridge, wouldn’t it also to secure the future of Ares Studios before, during and after Axanar?

The issue on what location Ares Studios will use still appears to be uncertain, if they have to move they’ll have to spend months getting Site B up to scratch and we’re already almost a quarter of the way through 2019.

Asking detailed and thoughtful questions doesn’t make somebody a hater, it makes them somebody who is unwilling to blindly follow somebody on their word alone.

Avoid the competition and cut straight to the production facts.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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