Monitor Wrap (21/3/19)

March 21 2019

It looks like the pace is picking up at Ares Studios and that is good for them.

The bridge is improving, the screens all have graphics that fit in the monitor and kids have been using the set for their school work.

Perks are being sent out to people, they have been arriving over the last couple of weeks but it appears that the bulk of material is moving from Ares Studios to people’s letterboxes in the near future.

Ares Studios Patreon got to $1,901 but it has now dropped by one donor to sit at $1,883 from 207 patrons at an average of $9.11 each, Patreon fluctuates regularly so there is no alarm bells ringing.

Stoggy has a fundraiser going on where he needs a computer to do his work on, this fundraiser also explains the time he said he got ‘hit by a truck sucker’, he was a road accident victim and sustained injuries.

AxaMonitor’s FB group is doing a steady trade, apparently one of Alec’s co-hosts in Nerdcasters is a controversial guy especially with some saying he is anti-woman and a racist GamerGater.

The REAL Truth About Axanar was largely quiet but the latest post is related to what is two paragraphs down from here and it will be interesting to see what happens if anything happens there.

The ACTUAL Truth About Axanar and AxaMonitor continues to do well despite several departures as it is believed to be a haters group, it is a little disappointing people have left as it was great to see two different beliefs in the one place.

Meanwhile Jonathan and Matt have been talking about each other across their two establishments, basically what has been happening is that Fan Film Factor material about Fan Films is now appearing on Axanar’s YouTube channel and Matt commented on it on Trekzone’s FB page and they had a chat there and now Jonathan has responded on Fan Film Factor.

I don’t think anything else will be said from either of them on the subject and the subject will die out in a few days.

Improbable Thoughts

A lot has been said about Axanar’s goal of raising $250,000 (Alec once did mention wishing he had $150,000) but with the fundraising being a secret, how would people know if they get there?

Now that’s not saying they’ll get to say $50,000, stop the fundraiser and keep any extra money as I am saying that they might get to $50,000, stop and say they reached $250,000 and nobody will ever know that they never got there.

It would be a good practical joke, nobody is going to know unless the quality is really awful and if you do it for less and it is released, it could be considered a big middle finger to the ‘haters’.

But it won’t happen, quite a lot has been staked on the plan and Alec appears to be somebody who wants to maintain the reputation of ‘getting s**t done’ though he might want to change that to ‘getting stuff/things done’.

That’s it today for this old monitor that is floating on down the river.

Until next time, be good to each other.


9 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (21/3/19)

  1. Actually I know of 3 productions that are slated to use the bridge this year besides Axanar, and the kids, who as far as I know use it for free. Which is a great partnership for the school district and the studio(as positive press for the studio, even not Axanar related is still positive).

    In fact i reviewed a fan film done by students and interviewed the lead actress for the website I contribute to.

    I was asked to rejoin The real truth about Axanar And Axamonitor and refused, mostly because I am tired of rehashing 4 year old detractor points. It doesn’t change the past, the lawsuit is done, Alec is working towards making his films at his own pace, which is all his donors and supporters want.


    1. Let’s look at the present.

      Do you really believe that Axanar will raise $250,000 for the two shorts and as well as raising $4,000 a month just for Ares Studios to keep going.

      Also do you have any concern over the uncertainty of studio location, if so why and if not why?


  2. I don’t know if Alec will raise $250K but that is not my concern, Alec will raise and use what is raised as he sees fit. As for the studio, between the patreon and YouTube, they are already covering 3/4ths of the studio cost. As long as levels don’t fall to much, having to only put out $1000 a month is better than $4000.


    1. YouTube is a tough one to gauge as viewing totals are all over the place and superchat totals are no longer consistent.

      So the uncertainty of Ares Studios staying at the present location or moving next door doesn’t bother you at all?

      People want consistency in the game plan instead of a bunch of maybes, at the start of February they were set to move and now they want more donors to stay.

      My next question is do you agree with Alec and a couple of others that the sexual misconduct allegations against Les Moonves and Vic Mignogna is karma for the lawsuit (Moonves) and the personal dislike for Axanar (Mignogna)?

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      1. No I don’t thinkit is “karma”. People have complained about Vic for years in regards to his behavior around young female fans. As for moonves, powerful men think they can get away with anything they want to, be it attitude towards woman, other employees, money etc.

        The studio has never officially been slated to move at any point. Alec has the option to move to a smaller studio IF he CHOOSES.

        The landlord listing the current studio in February is simply a good business practice to solicit if there is any interest.


      2. Interesting thoughts, I think the studio issue is more if he has the money to stay where he is or he has to go to the smaller building than anything else.

        So how come hardly any major Axanar/Alec supporter objects when he says it is karma? it has to be absurd that somebody would think it is karma.

        What do you think when Alec says people are ‘Devoid of Talent’ etc?

        In the interest of balance, what do you think when people call you things like ‘not the brightest bulb in the box’ and Alec ‘Captain Prolapse’?

        Do you get tempted to call them something back or do you let it go?


  3. Do I wish Alec would ignore the detractors, sure I do. Do I care if they call me names….nah, whatever floats their boat I suppose. I am actually friends with some of what Axanar supporters would consider “haters”(a word I don’t like to use).

    As for him saying what happens to Vic is karma, that is Alec’s opinion. I knew of the stories surrounding Vic also, but I don’t view it as “karma” I view it as his bad behavior(which he assumed wasn’t bad behavior) caught up to him.

    As for calling the detractors “no talent hacks etc”, what does that prove? It proves when provoked people can insult each other because it is easier than anything else

    I don’t view Carlos as such, I think he is wrong on some things in regard to Axanar. I don’t view RMB or anyone who left the project in that way, but when people leave projects, they tend to “talk shit” about the last job. Hell I see it in my day job all the time.

    I am assuming “RKB” is Rob Barnetta, and I don’t view you as a no talent hacks, just like I don’t view jonathan lane as one or think the nickname “slow lane” is necessary.

    Not agreeing on how a project, funded by DONATIONS has gone and sued/settled out of court between the IP holder and the defendant is supposed to be treated as the be all end all of fan films.

    So we disagree on Axanar, in the scope of life, it is a small thing and one I choose not to go overboard on.

    I still support Alec and the idea behind Axanar, because I still think despite the missteps Alec has had, the project is worthy of my support.


    1. I’m RKS, Ryan is my legal name but I prefer to be called either Chuck or Tiggy because I’ve never felt comfortable with my full name in life, It feels like school when I see or hear it and I want to forget that time.


  4. Oh, sorry about that…I read it wrong. My apologies. I have always liked my name, only because my first name is spelled Jon instead of john. Funny thing is I never sign my full name on anything, just the letter “J” then right into my last name.


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