Production Numbers

March 25 2019

A March 19 Captain’s Log report shows Alec Peters listing who many people are or will be working on the production, I say will because a number of the jobs below wouldn’t have a job at the moment.

DoP (Director of Photography)
Key Grip
2 Grips
Production Sound
Asst Sound
Post Production Supervisor
a VFX director
three different people doing VFX
a Composer
Costume Designer
two costume fabricators
6 PA
6 artists on the art team,
1 storyboard artist working with the director
1 webmaster publishing all of our content.
1 construction coordinator
1 technical director for the electronics of the bridge
A director of Security
60 volunteers
A production accountant for the upcoming two parts.

Assuming nobody is doing double duties, Axanar apparently has 96 people working or will be working on the production and add in the three people we know are in the shorts and that is 99 and apparently there is some 9+ additional roles which puts it over 100.

There is something else that the report has that is interesting and a little disturbing

“I almost never address the haters as they have proven to be a bunch of pathological stalkers, devoid of any talent, and dedicated to spreading lies and hate rather than actually doing anything productive with their lives.  So you have to laugh at them.  But sometimes pointing out their absurdity is just too easy.”

‘Devoid of any talent’, comments like this really don’t have any place in the whole Axanar business or any business for that matter and neither do names like ‘Captain Prolapse’.

There are so many nicer ways to get points across but rarely is anybody interested in using them.

Facts alone can stop a thought process dead in its tracks, for example Alec told everyone all those jobs, if nobody can challenge any part of it then it is solid fact and is unbeatable.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “Production Numbers

  1. It is humourous that Alec insists on talking to me through his echo chamber… a place I never actually visit myself.

    So, he has 96 staff, he’s travelled 2 years down the road post the lawsuit settlement… and yet there is no film.

    At the end of the day, the only metric that matters is that he hasn’t produced ANYTHING since settling the lawsuit in pursuit of the 2x 15 minute short films.

    In contrast, I’ve produced 83 podcasts and 1 short film.


  2. The thing with Alec is that he’s lied or exaggerated so much in the past that I can’t really believe what he says now without proof. Any normal fan film proudly shows off the people involved, but except for a very few people I can’t say for sure if there are actual people attached to these positions.

    Either Alec’s penchant for secrecy is working against him or he’s blowing smoke. Given his history I’d bet on the latter.


    1. There is something else to think about, if he is filming in two different states, would that mean that there would be two mostly different crews doing the filming?


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