Bits and Pieces

April 29 2019

There isn’t a whole lot to say at the moment.

It looks like AxaMonitor and Fan Film Factor may have to keep all their online reports online in the event that Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett go head-to-head in court.

Sitting back and seeing what happens in the future appears to be the best course of action for those closest to the action.

The above has woken up many of those who watch either with interest or amusement after a couple of weeks of little happening.

Ares Studios Patreon is still above 50% funded per month, they have recently had a $12 drop and they may lose money at the start of May but they usually rebound and make gains by the end of that month.

Those interested in the progress of Ares Studios can see some of the filming efforts that have taken place there in a report on Fan Film Factor.

Reel Trek and Axanar Confidential don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be though Super Chat totals don’t appear to be affected.

Trekzone’s Matt Miller interviewed Tony Todd about his three Star Trek series guest roles as well as his three Star Trek video game roles but that’s not all as Tony also talked about Prelude to Axanar, a topic he has said very little about in the past.

It is a must listen for those who want to know Tony’s thoughts on his participation in some of Star Trek’s most finest moments on Television as well as learning about what attracted him to Prelude to Axanar and more.

That’s about it, the waters appear fairly calm to sail on at the moment in the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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