The Good and the Bad

April 18 2019

This week is one of those weeks where the Axanar news machine is kicked into overdrive.

Let’s start with the good news for Axanar, Ares Studios has passed the 50% mark on Patreon, $2,146 per month is now going fans hands to Ares Studios.

To me, Fan Studios are a money pit, you cannot make money, you can only hope to break even and that comes from other productions who are largely powered by fan contributions so everyone is paying everybody else.

More good news is that the last episode of Axanar Confidential brought in Super Chat figures into three figure totals, one man even gave a minimum of $100 ($70 after YouTube’s cut).

Also the Captain’s Quarters is up, Stoggy has flexed his muscles and had it done just like he wrote in one episode of Axanar Confidential, there is still ‘more power + internet + turn it into a real studio’ to go.


The bad news for Axanar is that the whole legal fighting or threatening that has been going on between Alec Peters and Robert Meyer Burnett is now out in the open for the whole world to take a look at if people are willing to take the time to read through everything to form an opinion (unlikely).

The April 17 edition of AxaMonitor Daily tells the story in detail, who the players of the saga are, who has officially said what and what could happen in the future.

I believe that the courts if it goes to the courts will sort it all out, I believe that RMB would be financially assisted by fans if anything drastic happens such as the legal fees or handing over judgement money.

I also believe that those people who really support Alec will support him to end of the Earth and nothing will ever change that.

Now is a good time to try and keep things civil, supporters should really try hard to not egg on the fighting and of course the combatants got to not open their mouths or put fingers to keyboards until everything is good to go (wishful thinking).

Until next time, be good to each other.


7 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad

  1. “I also believe that those people who really support Alec will support him to end of the Earth and nothing will ever change that.”

    The same would once have justifiably been argued about Bawden, Kingsley, Burnett, etc etc Particularly Bawden.


    1. Don’t forget that Bawden etc had gotten to see a much bigger and detailed picture than what we the general fan or the general ‘detractor’ ever get to see of what goes on at Axanar Productions and Ares Studios.

      It also has to be remembered that they were insiders and they can now be easily be portrayed and dismissed as ‘jealous’ or ‘vengeful’ people and some people will accept that no questions asked.


  2. Bawden tried to negotiate a peaceful solution to the AP/RMB situation, and when neither side was willing to budge, he walked away from it. The fact that he is sharing private emails, is rather disheartening. I hold no Ill will towards anyone I this particular saga, as I am friends with all three parties.

    I wish it could have been worked out, but it was not to be. Last week’s Axanar confidential was one of the most positive AP has put out, and i told him that positivity is why he gained new donors, and got close to $2150 in one night, and to keep that tone from now on, because that is how to get and keep donors.

    Since it is both Easter weekend and the start of Passover, I hope you have a good holiday weekend down under.


    1. Everyone has lines of tolerance and I suppose Mike Bawden’s in regards to having patience with Alec was crossed and he felt the need to speak up about things and back his words up with written proof.

      The courts will sort it all out, if it goes to court, the only people that are really going to win are lawyers.

      The interesting thing about the tone comment is that AP’s bursts of anger about RMB or CBS and occasionally Carlos and Shawn are mostly sparked by himself spilling out stories or it a reaction from answering questions or statements from his own fans.

      AP does have one advantage, he can seemingly say anything and call people anything under the sun and people will still throw $100+ at him no questions asked.

      I am not sure if it will be a good Easter, it is predicted to be showering from Friday to Tuesday and 1000 classic cars will be in town for Easter so the rain will probably kill off the car show…..we’ll see.


    2. “The fact that he is sharing private emails, is rather disheartening.”

      Not dishearten that one ‘friend’ decided to file a lawsuit and call a ‘friend’ a thief, after his other ‘friends’ gave him a hand by giving him loans to keep afloat, or helped get Prelude made for him?


  3. I agree that Mr Burnett could call on assistance from other sci-fi buffs if it appears that he is being unjustly attacked due to a perception that his financial position is at a disadvantage. God knows I’m not a lawyer, but as a civilian I think Mr Burnett could easily hold his own in court if what we outsiders have read online is mostly correct. I am at a loss to see how Mr Burnett is responsible for electronic data devices being misplaced/lost [!] at Axanar Productions. Perhaps there is more to the tale, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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