Two sides

There are two sides to every story.

In court, the prosecution and defense or plaintiff and defendant get to say their sides of the story and a judge or a jury decides which story is true.

In school fights, both sides tell their story to a teacher or principal and then a punishment is decided on.

Now on social media, it is rarely possible to get two sides of a story because one has the power to censor the other side from presenting their version of events or present facts that may go against the story.

One example could be a relationship breakdown, you could rant on social media about the other person being awful etc and chances are that your audience don’t know the other person and nobody can say ‘Now wait a minute, wasn’t it you who done this, that and the other?’.

Back to the Axanar world and victory was recently declared on Axanar Confidential regarding a court case and dozens of congratulations messages went out and a blog entry justifying the case was then published.

But there was a major problem with the celebration etc and that was that the court case isn’t over, it is still ongoing.

Another thing about two sides is that it was reported a former Axanar employee went on AxaMonitor’s FB page to raise money for somebody having a court case, the problem with that story is that there was actually was no fundraising taking place on AxaMonitor’s FB page.

A few comments were posted on Axanar’s FB page disputing the lawsuit victory but those comments disappeared within hours.

No matter if you’re Pro-Axanar or Anti-Axanar or however you like to phrase it, If something doesn’t sound right to you then you should challenge it, don’t immediately accept everything you’ve told, take your time, read everything, ask questions and then come to a conclusion.

No side should be afraid of scrutiny, no side should be afraid of being asked questions and potentially being found to be in the wrong, it helps you grow by learning.

It will be interesting to see what this coming week will bring on YouTube, will victory still be declared on the next Axanar Confidential or will it not be mentioned at all? Will it be retracted with new information or perhaps a new story will take its place in the hope people will forget.

Until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “Two sides

  1. If I persist in paying attention to the Axanar affair, I may have to dig 1984 out of my library. Who is Oceania at war with now?

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