Monitor Wrap (8/6/19)

June 8 2019

There is a sense that things are getting really nasty concerning a certain court case and in the Axanar world in general.

In these modern times, it is so tempting to go on social media and give people a good old spray, many think of it as therapy but when it comes to a legal case, it is a good idea to not say a thing about the case.

You might defame somebody, you might write something different to what you say in court, you might accidentally reveal new evidence that hinders your own case etc.

The latest report is from Axanar’s ‘Captain’s Log‘ and it is claimed that Axanar footage is being held hostage.

I am concerned about the level of name calling coming from AxaMonitor’s FB group, it can be really nasty and at times it is over the top and I firmly believe that it does not help their case one bit when it comes to convincing people something is not right.

There’s no need for ‘Captain Prolapse’ and ‘Human Fleshlight’ and all the other charming descriptions that are flying around and it doesn’t matter if they’re called Stalkers and Losers etc, if you can sell.

Those who firmly support Axanar won’t easily change their minds but newcomers are a whole new ball game, they’re the ones who need to be told detailed and correct information, they’re the ones who will make or break Axanar and Ares Studios.

Also in the news is that there is a company out there called Anovos that makes cosplay merchandise and they’ve found themselves in some trouble and it has gotten attention on Axanar’s FB page and Twitter account with the two identical except the Twitter one says Anovos’ founders are members of AxaMonitor’s FB page, a member check has revealed that this is not the case.

As you see above, the two posts have different details on them which can confuse the heck out of people when they see the same story but with different commentary.

A scheduling conflict has pushed the start of the filming of Interlude back from September to November, assuming that Jonathan Lane gets every cent he needs to do that.

It is entirely possible that it will reach its goal, it is also entirely possible that fans are sick of paying people to go play Star Trek because the whole genre of fan films isn’t as exciting to Star Trek fans as it used to be.

Axanar recently announced a new character and Ares Studios Patreon campaign has slipped below $2,100 down from a high of just over $2,200, it usually does make a recovery but they will take a hit when June becomes July.

That’s some of the many pieces of news to come out of the Axanar world.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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