More Numbers

June 11 2019

While reading through the tennis match that was going on between Jonathan Lane and Matt Miller on Interlude’s revised budget there was talk about figures and since Interlude’s fundraising launch wasn’t happening today because Alec was retrieving a dog that was wandering where it shouldn’t be so there was time to take a look at them.

Jonathan is feeling really good about his numbers compared to Trekzone’s but how does he stack up when putting his numbers beside Axanar and AxaMonitor as well?

If you don’t want to look at the scores, look away now

First thing was to go on to SimilarWeb and then type in each of the four websites to get the figures and below was the result

Global ranking

1,181,000 – Fan Film Factor
1,291,173 – Axanar
3,131,232 – AxaMonitor
5,124,214 – Trekzone

USA Rating

342,635 – Fan Film Factor
617,653 – Axanar
1,181,090 – AxaMonitor
2,737,380 – Trekzone

So believe it or not, Fan Film Factor is ahead in website popularity compared to Axanar, AxaMonitor and Trekzone.

While Jonathan has called Trekzone’s numbers ‘Anemic’, Trekzone is the only one of the four to gain places in global rankings.

New subscribers to Trekzone’s YouTube channel have risen 230% in the last 30 days and views have climbed 54.6% in the last 30 days.

Axanar on the other hand is down 27.1% on views in the last 30 days and are down 68% on new subscribers in the last 30 days.

It should be noted that while Fan Film Factor deals almost exclusively with Fan Films (Discovery is not a fan film), Trekzone looks at a variety of things from Science to Star Trek, AxaMonitor largely looks at Axanar and Axanar largely takes care of itself so everyone is not exactly in the one field.

There is one important thing to remember and that is that Matt Miller does not care about numbers, Trekzone is a hobby to him and he does it for personal satisfaction which is how everyone should do things.

We should always do what makes us happy regardless of how popular it is.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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