Mutually Assured Destruction

June 10 2019

Mutually Assured Destruction.

There was a time that we all feared that the then Soviet Union and the United States of America would nuke each other into oblivion and killing the rest of us with nuclear fallout.

What does this little history lesson got to do with the lawsuit and all the rest that is going on in the Axanar world? Everything.

On one side we have Alec Peters, the man described by people as a con and not suited to business or the film industry but on the other hand he is called a good man and is considered a visionary, the man of the hour when it comes to the future of the franchise called Star Trek.

On the other side is Robert Meyer Burnett, he is a professional in the movie industry, considered intelligent, has plenty of opinions on a range of issues but he is also considered to be very arrogant.

The relationship hit a high after Prelude to Axanar but after Axanar was rightly stopped by CBS for its billing as an Independent Feature Film, the relationship is now as sour as off milk.

So Alec sued Robert alleging Robert owed computer files, equipment and money and it got to a point that Alec celebrated winning the court case in Axanar Confidential #17 but unfortunately for him he actually didn’t win anything at that moment in time and Robert filed paperwork to keep the case going.

This is why it is Mutually Assured Destruction, both sides seem content to shoot off their toes one by one throwing something at the other.

The premature celebration and the blog entries about why the case is happening would of been seen as good news for Robert because it is a terrible idea to comment about a case especially when doing it on YouTube as well!

All the times the word ‘Allegedly’ wasn’t used in those videos and blogs would of been mighty helpful too.

But when Robert posts on Twitter or on AxaMonitor’s FB group etc about the case either by telling his opinion or answering questions, he is shooting himself in the foot!

Don’t forget that there is apparently databases containing everyone’s comments and all the rest, apparently all neatly cataloged so you can’t get away with much in the Axanar world.

Can you imagine what the journalists who covered Axanar’s days of reaching seven figure totals and all the interviews Alec had would think now if they go visit the Axanar friendly pages and the not so friendly pages and see all the wonderful names, the bad information and all the rest?

Star Trek fans would look like a joke, people would be so amused by all the ego flexing and all the fighting over the fan production that was originally featured as an Independent feature film.

All the above is why MTM started (wish I came up with a better name, its hard you know) it was a frustration with what was being seen day to day and I wanted to make people see how dumb it is to fight over every little thing.

Fan films were meant to be a hobby not a business, definitely not a stepping stone to Paramount or Sony or anywhere else that makes a good movie.

It is time to stop the rants on YouTube, it is time to stop the messages on Facebook and Twitter and just get on with the job of making Axanar and editing videos and anything else the two of them do.

Let the lawyers do their jobs, once and for all.

Until next time, be good to each other.


4 thoughts on “Mutually Assured Destruction

  1. I think your assessment that Robert is shooting himself in the foot is misplaced. He hasn’t said anything that damages his case. Unlike Alec, Robert has shown he knows how to listen to his lawyer’s advice.


      1. I am sorry but I think that is misplaced sentiment when dealing with a wannabe bully like AP. He wanted to intimidate RMB into silence and therefore responding, within reason, seems to be the best course of action.


      2. More like hoping RMB would capitulate without a fight via public pressure instead of intimidating him into silence.


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