Ego and more

June 19 2019

In 1975, legendary Australian band ‘Skyhooks’ sang ‘Ego Is Not A Dirty Word’ on their second album (also called Ego Is Not A Dirty Word) and the song seems to fit in the Axanar world especially the four lines below

So if you got an ego
You better keep it in good shape
Exercise it daily
And get it down on tape

There is a lot of ego being exercised in the Axanar world, it is being kept in very good shape and it is being put on the modern form of tape, sometimes twice a week.

How did fan films become an ego filled place? Is it the money productions had received? was it the minor celebrity to those who watch fan films? is it the ambition to go further?

In case you missed it, the legal war has come to an end in Georgia, a motion to dismiss was filed by Alec Peters even though he had infamously declared victory on Axanar Confidential just a few short weeks earlier.

From what I’ve read it appears that Alec declared victory without filing the motions needed to make it official and because he didn’t do that, time on the case ticked on and Robert Meyer (not Myer) Burnett responded to the lawsuit with time still on the clock and then came the withdrawal.

So that particular phase of the court case is over because when a case is withdrawn, dismissed, pleaded out or concluded etc it is over and was noted by, however had also noted that Alec plans to file in California, a fact that Alec Peters seemed to have skipped over.

Alec Peters has outlined his plans for the lawsuit in California on Axanar’s website and it should be available to read, Axanar’s website has had problems so you may not get to see it.

Now we’ve seen RMB is posting videos of the Vignette that featured Alec Peters and the cast of New Voyages and that is no doubt going to get a particular person annoyed.

Is it an attempt to antagonize Alec and force him to say something that he shouldn’t be saying?

Is it an attempt to force a showdown in California resulting in a judge wanting to explore the financial records of Axanar laying open where every cent of the production went to the whole world?

I recently said it was a bad idea for either side to say anything publicly but that advice was disregarded, so we should all just sit back and relax and let them do what they do and hope it doesn’t drag people along for a ride.

Meanwhile after stalling for just over a day, Interlude’s fundraising efforts has been cranked back to life and has gained $686 in ten hours with a couple of $100+ donations thrown in.

Page one of Interlude’s comic ‘Stardate 2245.1’ has been released on Fan Film Factor and as you will see there is a release plan in place so people will get content in a reasonable matter of time.

As mentioned earlier, Axanar’s website has had database errors over the last couple of days causing the site to fail, the errors seem to be related to new blog entries as when they are released, the site fails.

Trekzone hosted the world premiere of ‘Redemption at Red Medusa’  late last week and it was a success with plenty of people tuning in and watching and commenting, you can see the replay of the premiere including the episode itself by clicking on the link above.

That’s just some of the news going around at this moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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