What is fair?

June 20 2019

GoFundMe, KickStarter, Indiegogo are online fundraisers that allow people to achieve their dreams, give relief to those suffering misfortune or it saves somebody’s life.

Star Trek fans are starting to get a little ticked off about fundraising platforms, Star Trek appears to be a never ending well of money for people to dip into it whether it is for fan productions or to go to STLV 2019.

We all know that Interlude is aiming for $19,500 on GoFundMe but is Jonathan Lane paying for anything outside of that figure? if so how much?

How much or what percentage of costs is Dreadnought Dominion paying outside of their online efforts?

What will be the financial split be between Axanar fans and Alec Peters when it comes to paying for Axanar?

Axanar is a complicated one as it can be split into pre and post lawsuit and the figures would be different.

Are there any fan productions out there that either pay for the production themselves or have a 50-50 split between themselves and fans?

One more thing that is annoying people is that YouTubers like MechaRandom42 and Midnight’s Edge are asking for people to pay for them to go and enjoy STLV 2019.

Midnight’s Edge could rake in an amount anywhere between $500 and $80,100 per year according to SocialBlade and Midnight’s Edge After Dark makes anywhere between $330 and $4800 per year according to SocialBlade.

MechaRandom42 could rake in an amount anywhere between 2,700 and $43,500 in a year according to SocialBlade.

So if you’re looking for a fan production to support, try finding out from them how much the creators pay to help their own production move along

As as for sending YouTubers to places like Vegas, let them do at least the majority of paying for everything themselves.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “What is fair?

  1. I was impressed to see Jonathan Lane secure 2 large contributors to his proposed film Interlude (one for $1K, one for $3K). It’s unusual in my observation of his hobby to see 2 backers out of 81 cover over half of the amount raised thus far for the film. We’ll see if Mr Lane finds other superfans or if the remaining approximately $12-13K of Interlude must be covered by a large number of backers with more traditional amounts to contribute to the film. Maybe the time of a large base of backers who enjoy these films and help fund them a bit at the time has passed. Perhaps fan films in future will be created by those who can pay for them out of their own funds without need for crowdfunding.


    1. The Axanar connection makes Interlude’s journey different to Redemption at Red Medusa etc.

      Interlude has been promoted by Axanar and Fan Film Factor and Axanar’s FB page has a 70,000 like advantage compared to productions starting from scratch.

      Interlude is a continuation to Prelude to Axanar and that fan film is memorable so people are happy to take a risk on Interlude even if the people making it are different.

      Then you add in factors like talented co-directors and you got a formidable production.

      Now the downside, Axanar, Continues, Farragut etc had an advantage when they raked in cash and that was that there was no official Star Trek on TV but by the time Interlude arrives on the scene, there will be two series and casual fans will think why pay for people to play Star Trek when you can get Star Trek off CBS or Netflix or Prime Video etc and watch it as much as you like.

      Speaking of hobbies, it is not every day that you can do a hobby and people will pay for you to do it.


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