Easier to deny than to prove?

July 9 2019

Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen a lot of bickering about the financial books of Axanar, if experts checked the figures and said they are 100% truthful then who are those experts?

Name the professionals, somebody like Carlos can ask them for confirmation, he receives it and then shows the letter and the issue is dead as a Dodo.

Of course somebody will say Carlos wouldn’t confirm a confirmation because it goes ‘against his narrative’ so then get somebody like frequent MTM guest Jon Tessler to also seek the same confirmation, he’d be over the moon to show it.

Then again somebody will think he won’t publish the results because it may go ‘against his narrative’ if the results say the numbers did not match or they never did business with Axanar Productions etc.

There is a lot of mistrust going around and the only way to solve it is being very transparent, make facts irrefutable that if somebody challenges them it will make them look very bad to do so.

At the moment there is some bickering (probably putting it politely) about a Starship model and payment, just put all the facts on the table and let it do the talking once and for all.

Sometimes I wonder if controversy exists in the Axanar saga just to aid any particular side of the Axanar saga, Controversy just like Sex sells and when it sells, it makes things easier to obtain.

It is a lot easier to deny a story that is making the rounds and go on the counter attack than providing evidence to prove or refute a story.

One more thing, always remember readers that while it is good to always defend a friend, don’t be afraid to ever tell them that they are wrong, that’s what makes you a good friend because you tell them the irrefutable facts saving them from trouble and/or an inflated ego.

Until next time, be good to each other


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