A Challenge

July 4 2019

Now that the whole Carlos and the Associated Press squabble is now sorted out and will never be an issue again unless somebody totally ignores the stream of words online about it and brings it back up, there is a new challenge.

I call this one the AxaMonitor.com test and this test is an important one because if AxaMonitor is right there is a problem with Axanar and if AxaMonitor is wrong there is a problem with AxaMonitor.

My challenge to people is they find one report from AxaMonitor.com from within the last twelve months (that means no wheeling out the wrong address story) that is completely incorrect.

Anyone who finds a report must be able to factually dispute every section they have objected to and not just say things like Carlos wrote it or it is just wrong.

Let’s see what happens.


32 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. Nice idea, however it appears unlikely the Axanar faithful will go looking themselves for anything that may disrupt the narrative. They believe Axamonitor is wholly dishonest and will not go hunting for examples that disprove that belief. For all the examples regarding Pedrazas journalistic status that have surfaced I’d bet any currency you like that a good chunk of the faithful still refuse to accept it.

    But I admire you for still believing in humanity.

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    1. They have a way of seeing what they want to see. For example, I explained to one of the AxaFaithful how Alec submitted two different financial summaries to the court during discovery (the second one being less incriminating, naturally). In their brain this became me saying that “Alec must have had a second set of books.” You can state facts to them, supported by documentation, and they will deny them or become silent.

      I would like Alec himself to take up your challenge, because he is the primary pusher of the idea that Carlos lies. In reality Alec likes to reshape history. Since (as he claims) he ended up paying more of his own money into Axanar to keep the studio running then he received, he never got paid a salary. This despite interviews where he stated he was paying himself a salary. It is also likely that the salary appears in that first financial summary (though we may never know unless the documents become public in the discovery phase of another lawsuit… say, one about defamation of a certain film editor).


      1. Alec doesn’t like to get into dialogue with blogs etc unless it is like Fan Film Factor.

        I remember an interview Alec done with Matt Miller and Alec was rattling off the names of organizations he was interviewed by and he said he didn’t want to get down in the mud with places like Trekzone.

        I found that to be an interesting thought, are bloggers and podcasters more hard hitting than major organizations who look for a good story and disregard the rest?

        One of the questions I am curious about is how is Axanar scheduled to shoot in October when the money question isn’t answered yet? Does Alec pay for it himself and then get reimbursed by donations?


      2. Mainstream will take broad strokes and may not necessarily dive into every little detail because their readers don’t always have a specific interest or knowledge of the topic.

        Podcasters and bloggers, who have a niche interest and a niche audience will dive into the ‘mud’ as Alec calls it … or the specifics of the truth.


    1. Wasn’t Alec the one telling people that if he did not get enough money from people on Patreon he would have to move?

      Perhaps he is now satisfied staying in place with the $2100+ total instead of the full $4000.

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      1. Or perhaps things have changed, and Alec simply doesn’t want to bradcast them.


      2. The idea that Alec Peters is keeping secret his intentions for his warehouse doesn’t pass the smell test, since he’s conducting a very public Patreon campaign to get other people to pay his rent. It’s fundamentally dishonest to keep material information like that away from the public from which he’s soliciting donations.

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      3. A lot of things may not pass the smell test but it isn’t affecting the fortunes of Axanar one bit.

        The problem is that Alec can sit back all day long and call AxaMonitor’s FB group bullies and he will be right because it gets really nasty.

        All the biscuit jokes, the bum jokes, the sex jokes, the pink pony jokes and all the fancy psychological and everything else psy names are killing your message on AxaMonitor.com

        Axanar can just point to AxaMonitor’s FB group and say look how nasty they are and they’ll score points.

        The casual observer or potential donor won’t see that Alec called X, Y and Z a bunch of names someplace else.

        Sometimes things get so crazy I think it is like a scene from ‘Miri’ when the eldest kid gets disruptive and all the kids copy his noises to stop Captain Kirk from talking.

        Alec can also target CBS because it works a treat every time and no supporter of his will stop and think that Star Trek belongs to CBS and they exercised their rights to defend their property especially when one point something million dollars was being used.

        Those at AxaMonitor’s FB group need to do the opposite of what they are doing, they need to take out the personal stuff and just make it all factual stuff.

        The message has to always be that something isn’t right in the Axanar world and questions must always be asked and if they are not answered then the question must be ‘Why not?’.

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    1. Topics to guarantee a Kaboom or two (so far)

      Vic Mignogna
      Star Trek Continues
      Carlos Pedraza
      Shawn P. O’Halloran
      The cost of Axanar
      Robert Meyer Burnett
      Life Achievements
      Ray Tesi
      Mike Bawden
      Lisa Hansell

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      1. I agree with you about the Axamonitor FB group. And Carlos always responds with “i dont have any control over them”. The problem is he links the group to his website, so they can make him look bad. It is guilt by association. Yep I know, they say the same thing about axa-faithful. In some ways they may be correct. But while we have toned down our attacks, they simply do not care to.

        They have gone so far as to now leave bogus reviews for the Trekcetera museum in Canada, because Jo Dee Moline thought it would be a good idea.

        In fact one person who did, proceeded to remove it, and apologize for doing something so immature. Guess what….no message from Carlos not to do it.

        Oh as Carlos “thought” above that if the situation with the studio had changed, he would “Crow about it”. Well he did tell people, including myself, as to the plan movie forward. He didn’t broadcast it, because he did not want any of the “haters” harassing his landlord or Anyone else at the complex.


      2. The reviews idea is a bad idea, maybe there is something fishy about Alec and his auctioning history but there are better ways to raise objections to the general public.

        The public has the right to know about potential trouble but it has to be done with care, fact and style.

        We’ll let the experts decide on all the who paid what and who done what in auction business.

        The post on AxaMonitor’s FB about reviews was self removed, one of AxaMonitor’s FB rules is not deleting any topics only close them or they naturally die out, there is a better chance of a topic staying open at AxaMonitor than say Fan Film Forum.

        I don’t think the landlord of whatever building Ares Studios is in will be harassed or anybody else, if Alec can pay for the place then there are no problems with it.


      3. And Carlos always responds with “i don’t have any control over them”.

        What do you prefer, free speech, or your comment being deleted and have you banned cause Alec didn’t like what you you said?

        Sure there is name calling, ‘hater’ ‘detractor’. There even evidence of things said that in respect of this website, I won’t mention here.

        I sure hope you give a donation to Mrs.Hutzel when the time comes Jon.

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  2. Oh if you want to see the screen shots, you can email me, and i will share them with you, as the original post was taken down


  3. Glen Hine,

    Carlos links the FB group to his “news” website. So yes he does have a say in how members act. He should call them out delete their comments or even ban them if the need arises. Everyone loves to say *free speech”, but a Facebook group is not a government entity, so free speech doesn’t apply. That is why FB can and does ban profiles for varying lengths of time. Alec as a group owner/admin can block or ban anyone he wants(again not a government entity).

    As for Mrs. Hutzel, if she ever does a “GoFundMe” or asks for donations, of course I will donate. Her husband was an amazing man.


    1. “He should call them out delete their comments or even ban them if the need arises.”

      …. and that’s how Axamonitor actually started, people confronting Alec and asking questions and the result have their comments deleted and banned form the Axanar page. I even been banned there after questioning the studio move to Atlanta. Carlos has the facebook group for a open and public discussion (Got to give something for Collin’s Kindle and the ‘database entry’), it is not a forum group on the website. There also been time that the admins have step in to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand, give warnings for anything deleted,

      But seem to be okay to say “Rob is a thief and holding Axanar hostage” “Vic is a sexual predator” even “Gabe needs to be fired form The Orville for harassing me” (Over Gabe taking a photo of Alec in Quarks bar at STLV in 2016 and was given a 30 day time out for the phone messages) cause Alec said so, but can’t ask any questions without having the comment deleted and being banned.

      How does that work?

      I suppose losing support for Alec and Axanar due to removing people, is better than having a possible defamation lawsuit for saying “Rob is a thief”.

      Good to hear you will donate.


  4. Considering Alec’s latest post to patrons about the studio….i would say the “challenge” to show something Carlos wrote was false, his reporting of a move to a “smaller location” is 100% FALSE!

    Sorry Carlos, your reporting is in error.

    Also I will NOT share the email with anyone(although I knew about this a couple of months ago, but was sworn to keep it secret).


    1. “If we don’t raise $4,000 a month, we raise less, we’re going to have to move to a smaller facility — a brand new facility — it’s right next door. We’re going to roll the sets over. [But] I want to stay where we are.” – Alec Peters “Reel Trek” Episode 1. All Carlos did was quote Alec’s own words. How is that “reporting in error”? I’ll wait.

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    2. My reporting was spot-on, Jon, because I was directly quoting Alec Peters himself. On YouTube Reel Trek Episode 5 he said at 45:01 :

      “One of the things we talked about was, you know, we’ve said from the beginning, look if we don’t raise $4,000 a month we’ll move to the smaller facility, because that’s big enough for the bridge, and storage, right? And the bridge is the really important set.”

      And at 45:17:
      “We’ve been trying to make the right business decision …and we’ve really been deciding that we really think that moving to the smaller facility — whether or not no matter how much money we make — is the right move because it’ll be a brand-new building. They’re going to build it to our specifications.”

      And as #TruthIsOutThere notes upthread, that’s the story Alec Peters started with in Reel Trek Episode 1. So there was nothing wrong with my reporting, Jon, only with Peters’ ever-shifting rationale for why other people should pay for his rent.


      1. Not trying to insult Mr. Tessler, but it seems that some folks only believe what Alec Peters feeds them, rather than reading/researching/understanding for themselves. I’d like to see what’s in that “super secret donors only” email. Sounds like Alec is trying to control the narrative like he does on all his FB controlled pages- deleting posts that show him/Axanar in an unfavorable light. I’m a kickstarter donor he booted out of his Axanar club merely because I asked when patches were going to be mailed out (and nicely, too!). Alec’s rude behavior has turned a lot of fans sour, and his endless promises with (inept) or no delivery should be a major clue how incapable he is to deliver ANYTHING let alone patches he said would be mailed to donors months ago. Honestly, how hard is it to mail a patch?… gotta wait for Ares Digital 5.0 “Electric Boogaloo”?


      2. Notice how Tessler doesn’t respond when confronted with definitive facts that he was wrong? He’ll just deflect and try another argument – just like Peters, can’t admit he made a mistake!


    3. The greatest source of information provided is Alec Peters’ own actions and decisions. For him to say that these reports are false is for him to be lying to you.


  5. …Still waiting. I’m going to assume they can’t find anything, and just blindly believe whatever Alec or Lane tells them. I’m curious if any of them even start to question Alec over his alleged auction consignment fraud. Considering Dean is the accuser and once was one of Alec’s biggest buddies/employee (Propworx and Axanar)….does that even begin register to Alec’s flock? Do they even realize that many people were warning others of Alec’s businesses before Axamonitor was even a glimmer in Carlos’ eye?


    1. We have been asking that question quite a lot. Something that Mark Twain said:

      ‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’

      It’s not only Dean and the dealings from what happen with Mrs. Hutzel. If you hear these fellow people who started off helping, Rob Burnett, Terry McIntosh, Christian Gosset, Bill Hunt, Tommy Kraft, Tony Todd. Just to name a few who have spoken out and come to the same conclusion that Alec is the problem in why it been five years since Prelude and except the Vulcan Scene we only seen a lawsuit, move to Atlanta and lawsuits filed involving 2 of the people who used to help.

      To those who still remain loyal I quote from Obi-wan Kenobi:

      ‘Who is more the fool, the fool, or the fool who follows it’


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