Trekzone interviews Midnight’s Edge

July 20 2019

There is a lot of action going on in AxaMonitor’s FB group right now, a Cease & Desist order has gone out and the fate of hangs in the balance.

But there is another story that has gotten attention and that is that Trekzone’s Matt Miller interviewed Tom and Andre from Midnight’s Edge.

Midnight’s Edge, people either love them or they really don’t love them one bit.

Matt has not received a great reception on AxaMonitor’s FB group after posting news about the interview that will be available to everyone in less than two weeks time.

Personally I am not a fan of Midnight’s Edge, listening to speculation and rumour is not my cup of tea, I just like watching Television without wondering about what goes on behind the scenes like cast member A doesn’t like cast member F and show runner Mr A will be replaced by Mrs X or something.

I am not saying that I hate Midnight’s Edge, an example is that I am not a fan of Taylor Swift but it doesn’t mean I hate Taylor Swift, I am just not interested in her music and so I am not interested in watching Midnight’s Edge.

I watched the whole 20 minute video so what I say below can be said with confidence.

At no time does Matt Miller either endorse Midnight’s Edge or not endorse them and at no time does he tell people to believe them or not believe them.

Matt set out to find out how Midnight’s Edge do what they do, he found out how a story is made, he finds out if sources are paid or not and he finds out if stories are rushed and more.

It is not a propaganda piece and it is not a pro Midnight’s Edge piece, it is a trip of discovery and Matt accomplished his mission.

The listener/viewer is in complete control of their conclusions, the listener/viewer hears what Midnight’s Edge has to say and they can decide to believe them or not believe them, the choice is theirs.

One of AxaMonitor’s FB group faults is that they can pile on somebody and it can be savage.

Matt took a beating when that whole Jonathan Lane interview was wrongly billed and it got out of control, very few if any of those who piled in on Matt probably never heard the Jonathan Lane interview.

They missed a good clanger when Jonathan said Kate Vernon was going to be in Axanar but an hour later he wasn’t as confident.

This interview is 20 minutes and not 3 hours, some may think that Matt should of asked harder questions but remember it was a journey of discovery not an eagerness to get into combat that could of curtailed the episode at any moment.

When it comes out, clear your mind, take a listen and if it changes your mind on things then it does and if it doesn’t then it simply doesn’t.

Until next time, be good to each other.


One thought on “Trekzone interviews Midnight’s Edge

  1. This. 100% all of this.

    Thank you for always taking a balanced approach to your blogging, for asking the right questions and being able to be impartial enough to consider all sides of the story.

    Out of the journey of discovery, I’ve left some thoughts which are pinned to the video, which viewers can read when the episode is released.


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