Challenge answered?

July 22 2019

There has been no solid answer to the challenge of finding somebody who has found anything on about Axanar that is incorrect.

One challenge from regular guest Jon Tessler is about Carlos Pedraza saying that Ares Studios was going to move when it hasn’t moved.

In the January 31st 2019 edition of Captain’s Log, Alec writes

“as we are set to move to a smaller, brand new building, right next door, in May.  There our rent will only be $2,100 a month.  Add in utilities and insurance and we are at about $2,500.”

On Reel Trek #1, Alec says

“we need to raise $4,000 a month and so if we do that we get to stay where we are but if we don’t raise $4,000 a month if we raise less we’re gonna have to move to a smaller facility”


Reel Trek #1 was originally on the Axanar channel but a copy is now on Ares Studios channel.

In Axanar Confidential #3 in February 2019, Alec tells viewers 53 minutes in

“I told them I want to move to the smaller facility I said the chances of staying 
the bigger facility are you know are small less than 25 percent.”

A search is ongoing to see whether any further mentions of the Ares Studios is made after that time to see if the situation with Ares Studios has changed publicly, it is said that the situation changed privately several months ago.

The search is hampered by the fact that several of the Reel Trek and Axanar Confidential episodes cannot be located as they are unlisted.

There is one definite change and that is that Ares Studios Patreon is now searching for a total of $3500 though it still reads as $4000.

I do have one challenge on something written in AxaMonitor Daily but it is unrelated to Axanar and that is the line ‘Controversial interviews have become the stock-in-trade for Matt Miller of Australia’s Trekzone website’.

Anyone who knows what Matt Miller does on his shows will know that 97.73% of his interviews are not considered controversial.

He has talked to everyone from Actors to Scientists and they are definitely not controversial shows.

AxaMonitor Daily is correct in mentioning interviews with Alec Peters, Jonathan Lane and Tom and Andre from Midnight’s Edge but these interviews are spread out over months and even years with plenty of other content in between and that makes his ‘controversial’ interviews far from stock-in-trade.

Hopefully this does not do any damage to Trekzone as it would be unfortunate for Trekzone to get a reputation for interviewing ‘controversial’ people instead of having a reputation for interviewing people from a variety of fields and standpoints.

Until next time, be good to each other.


3 thoughts on “Challenge answered?

  1. This year I’ve produced 17 “Talkin’ Science” episodes, where astrophysicist Dr. Brad Tucker brings us the science and space news of the week. I’ve produced numerous “Talkin’ Trek” episodes with Lee Sargent where we discussed the 80’s and 90’s Trek, including a discussion on Short Treks.

    Over the last six years a dozen plus SciFi alumni have sat down with me, including Anthony Montgomery, Jeffrey Combs, Alice Krige, Gary Jones, Joe Flanigan, Nana Visitor, Connor Trinneer, Grant Imahara, Torri Higginson, Dominic Keating, Walter Koenig, David Nykl, Rene Auberjonois, Richard Dean Anderson and Anson Mount.

    Larry Nemecek, Rod Roddenberry and Doug Drexler have returned numerous times to Trekzone.

    I’ve featured interviews with fan film producers like Vic Mignogna, Nick Cook, Aaron Vanderkley, Gary O’Brien, Gary Davis and James Cawley (at the time he had moved on to the Set Tour.) Lets not forget people involved with fan films like Ray Tesi. The majority of whom seek out Trekzone to tell their story.

    I’ve learnt about gravitational waves, radio communications with space probes across the solar system, quantum mechanics and the next generation of computer technology while on a two week road trip to Australia’s capital territory. I’ve met Australia’s only astronaut who flew space shuttle missions.

    Time and again I present the facts and allow my guests to speak without descending the interview into a shouting match or a blood sport – with 176 podcasts under my belt. Time and again, by a select group of individuals, what I say is ignored, overlooked, dismissed, belittled and/or derided for the four – count them four – interviews I’ve conducted with the likes of Alec Peters, Jonathan Lane (twice) and Midnight’s Edge.

    Onto the hot topic of the moment, the timing of the ME interview was purely coincidental, because I have a full schedule and have to put non-time critical episodes in a queue. However, with the news – not announcements, news – out of San Diego Comic Con, there is so much to celebrate about the Star Trek universe that the interview has been bumped in favour of a reaction (to SDCC) and preview (to STLV) show with Larry Nemecek.


  2. Hi,

    I wanted clarify my characterization of Matt Miller’s work in the July 21 AxaMonitor Daily. The phrase, “controversial interviews have become the stock-in-trade for Matt Miller of Australia’s Trekzone website,” was not meant as a dig against Matt’s work, nor as a means to minimize the volumes of other podcasts and interviews devoted to non-controversial and educational topics.

    My rationale was that Matt has sought out and won a lot of attention over the years around controversial content, distinguishing Trekzone from most of the other podcasts out there. It was in that sense that I used the expression “stock in trade.” If my use of the phrase devalued the other work Matt regularly offers in his podcasts, I sincerely apologize.



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