Website Rankings – Aug 2019

August 20 2019

Over the last couple of months, I have been looking on SimilarWeb to see how Axanar, AxaMonitor, Fan Film Factor and Trekzone have been going because time to time you see boasts about how certain sites are going.

It is important to remember that all four sites deal in different things, Axanar is a fan production, Fan Film Factor talks about Fan Films (and sometimes not), AxaMonitor talks about Axanar and Trekzone covers anything that has the word science in it or deals in it.

First up is the last three months of Global website rankings 

Global ranking (May)

1,181,000 – Fan Film Factor
1,291,173 – Axanar
3,131,232 – AxaMonitor
5,124,214 – Trekzone

Global Ranking (June)

984,477 – Axanar
1,144,274 – Fan Film Factor
1,950,866 – AxaMonitor
4,304,013 – Trekzone

Global Ranking July

1,205,998 – Axanar
1,563,890 – Fan Film Factor
2,250,876 – Trekzone
6,855,299 – AxaMonitor

Three of the four websites had falls between June and July with AxaMonitor taking the biggest fall and is now behind Trekzone but AxaMonitor’s fall has more to do with little new content than unpopularity considering the other three post new stuff regularly.

Trekzone was the only site to make gains by picking up over two million places which will probably surprise those who think Trekzone gets few visitors.

Now we will look at their results when just looking at what the United States looks at.

US Ranking (May)

342,635 – Fan Film Factor
617,653 – Axanar
1,181,090 – AxaMonitor
2,737,380 – Trekzone

US Ranking (June)

312,998 – Axanar
405,868 – Fan Film Factor
1,439,527 – Trekzone
1,760,683 – AxaMonitor

US Ranking (July)

Axanar – 331,817
Fan Film Factor – 538,967
Trekzone – 1,602,170
AxaMonitor – 2,923,528

Again all four sites slipped down the rankings with Axanar taking the shortest fall and AxaMonitor the biggest fall.

AxaMonitor’s fortunes will no doubt change when Carlos writes something new while the other sites will keep on doing what they’ve been doing.

STLV will probably serve Trekzone well whilst Fan Film Factor has Axanar and Interlude and Axanar just has Axanar which sells well.

Until next time, be good to each other.


One thought on “Website Rankings – Aug 2019

  1. While it’s not all about the numbers, since I do this as a giant hobby, I’m very excited to see that our social media reach has almost passed 500,000 viewers this year. Half of those have come from our STLV coverage.

    Interestingly our YouTube offering isn’t as strong, so it’s probably time to mix things up.


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