Canon or not Canon?

August 19 2019

The STAR TREK – The Original and ONLY Timeline group asked a question regarding Axanar and that wasCanon or those we do not speak of?“.

The answer to the question is No, Axanar is not Canon.

First of all, Axanar currently (August 19 2019) only exists on paper but Prelude to Axanar exists and even using that results in it not being canon.

Axanar is not being made by CBS or Paramount and it is not licensed by CBS or Paramount therefore Axanar just like Prelude to Axanar and the million and one fan films that are out there are not Canon, no matter how liked they are.

Even if Axanar turned out to be Canon, it is not Prime and one key point is in the picture below taken from Prelude to Axanar that shows a starship firing weapons that made itself home in Star Trek (2009), Into Darkness and Beyond.

Not Prime.png

The above certainly does not appear in any of the series or the first ten movies and saying the type of weapons only existed in that point of history is like Discovery’s writers sweeping away the Spore Drive and the non view screen communication that only appeared in an episode or two of Deep Space Nine.

The mentioning of Discovery is important as Alec Peters says that Discovery is not Prime yet his ships have weapons that are not Prime.

So there you have it, Prelude to Axanar is not Canon and Axanar should it be made is not Axanar either so the STAR TREK – The Original and ONLY Timeline group can relax and can stick to discussing the Star Trek series up to 2005 and the first ten movies whilst accepting productions like STC and NV even if they aren’t canon.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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