Monitor Wrap (27/8/19)

August 27 2019

Biscuits are still being talked about on AxaMonitor’s FB group, biscuit suppliers must be really happy about that as there is a small bump in sales.

Personally I don’t like the biscuits being offered on AxaMonitor but I do like Tim Tams and I think 99% of people would agree that they taste good should people outside Australia acquire some.

John Van Citters likes Biscuits and I think we all know what or who that alludes to, check the replies to the tweet to find out the answer if you are not sure.

As mentioned earlier, the whole biscuit thing is not my cup of tea but it seems to bring people amusement that lasts for weeks.

Sometimes heated discussion continues on the subject of donating to people to help them out, do we blindly donate to people or do we have expectations that whoever we donate to don’t immediately put themselves back into the financial hole we just got them out of.

Those who are discussing the topic on AxaMonitor FB group should be aware that one comment maker is commenting to get a rise out of people as the fella (what does fella rhyme with?) was seen debating Jonathan Lane in another group and was calling people from AxaMonitor “Mongs”.

The definition of Mong is “a person who is stupid or who has learning difficulties.”.

Meanwhile the auction in Canada went well for Propworx and the winner of that is Axanar with $10,000 going into the coffers.

SocialBlade figures say that Axanar’s YouTube Channel taken a 185,180 view hit on July 27, Axanar has regained about 145,000 of those views but it makes you wonder if Axanar really is getting a lot of money from their videos.

New information on Axanar’s filming plan is expected to be revealed later today in the upcoming installment of Axanar Confidential.

Not much has come out of The Real Truth About Axanar but perhaps the most interesting comment was made that while name calling of some people in AxaMonitor’s FB group is not acceptable, name calling of people like Alec Peters is not.

Ironically, the comment maker ends his comment by calling someone a ‘Psycho Cat Lady’ and thinks she is off her meds.

Trekzone recently released a series of small interviews that were conducted at Star Trek Las Vegas, there are eight interviews in all, all are under ten minutes and they are with Garrett Wang, Olivia d’Abo, John de Lancie, Glenn Morshower, Robin Curtis, Robert O’Reilly, Shazad Latif and Rekah Sharma.

Interlude has reached $18,000 and is currently sitting on $18,137, this amount may be actually higher as Axanar art has been put up for sale not by Axanar or Interlude and proceeds from that are going into the kitty.

That’s just some of the news going on at the moment.

Until next time, be good to each other.


6 thoughts on “Monitor Wrap (27/8/19)

  1. Point of clarification: The “no name-calling” rule applies to people who are members of the AxaMonitor Facebook group; the idea is to promote civil discourse within the group. Commenting on Alec Peters doesn’t fall under that rule because he is not a member, and also claims to not read anything posted there (untrue, btw — he regularly comments on Facebook and YouTube on postings in the group).

    Outright untrue statement about Alec Peters are admin’d: For example, someone claiming he has committed fraud will be warned that allegation is legally unproven and therefore inappropriate to state as fact. Someone saying, “I believe Alec Peters has defrauded Axanar donors,” however, won’t get an admin warning as it is a statement of opinion.

    Ironically, if Alec Peters were to join the AxaMonitor Facebook group (and follow its rules) then people there would not be allowed to launch personal attacks or call him names. Of course, that’s unlikely to happen.


      1. Not sure why you’re trying to equate yourself with Alec Peters. He’s a public figure (in fact, *the* subject of the Facebook group), and you’re not.


      2. He’s asking that if people call him names in AxaMonitor’s FB group, does the no name calling rule apply?

        I would like to ask, if a person is not part of AxaMonitor’s FB group and are not Alec Peters and they are called names, does the no name calling rule come into effect?

        Also who in the Axanar saga is regarded as a public figure?


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