Not much happening

September 6 2019

Not a lot is happening which can be good news for those who prefer a time where there is hardly anything said about Axanar.

The fan film world is waiting for October 4, that’s when Axanar is expected to go from being on paper to start being on film.

Axanar is expected to be the most expensive Star Trek fan film of the modern Star Trek fan film era, it is said that you could make ten Interlude’s if the price tag is really $200,000.

We will probably never know how expensive the whole Axanar saga has been because everyone has added and subtracted figures and the one point something million count is complicated.

For example, OWC used to cover the rent for Ares Studios and then they disappeared and then it was announced that they had left (still listed as partner on website) and Alec Peters was left to pay the rent for his Studio and nobody knows the time before departure and announcement and what the cost was.

Since the Patreon launch, Alec is currently paying around $1,475 every month for Ares Studios as fans pay for $2,125 out of $3600 though YouTube apparently covers some of that amount as the Axanar channel generates income for the studio.

That will probably confuse people as Ares Studios and Axanar Productions are not one and the same yet the Axanar channel generates income for Ares Studios at least until Ares gets allowed to monetize.

I can guarantee readers one thing, you will definitely see without a doubt comments on YouTube that will say that Axanar is better than Discovery if and when it is released.

Heck you have probably seen those sort of comments on every fan film that has come out in the last two years, when people don’t like CBS they really don’t like CBS.

Yep it is going to be an interesting October.

Until next time, be good to each other.


2 thoughts on “Not much happening

  1. Per your earlier post on Trek fans as financiers, there seems to be more GFMs about. Neutral Zone Studios appears to be booting one up end of this week downstream of Mr Lane enjoying his success in funding Interlude. Will fans be agreeable to an appeal to upgrade the sets? I suppose we’ll see if the fan film financiers are approaching their point of being tapped out or if they remain well supplied with ammunition.


    1. My advice to those seeking funds and happiness with those funds should latch on to Axanar for all their needs, people will pay for anything that is attached to Axanar (eg Interlude, Stoggy etc).

      Have you noticed that JP’s fundraiser at this moment doesn’t have the backing of Axanar’s FB page? if it did I reckon it would be funded in no time.

      NZS will have a tougher time getting a fundraising boost compared to Ares Studios or anything related to Axanar, NZS just doesn’t have people willing to throw large amounts of money at it.


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