The Interview

September 13 2019

Today I listened to the Alec Peters interview conducted by Jonathan Lane on Fan Film Factor to see what’s up in the Axanar world.

Below is some of the points made during the 42 minutes the interview went for and yes it was listened to a couple of time to make sure I understood it right.

– Carlos, Shawn and Sandy get mentions
– Bridge status given
– Film crew will not be announced
– Cast will not be announced
– Budget will not be given
– Terms like Bullies were used
– Axanar is a hobby
– Uniforms made are in triple figures
– Kate Vernon has been given the script
– Shooting locations are mostly secret
– Interlude will pay $250 per day for Ares Studios
– CBS got a mention or two
– Sushi joke
– Food may be catered or made at Alec’s, they don’t know
– Alec spent roughly $200,000 of his money in California
– Ares rent is back up to $3600
– Alec is still paying off debt from Axanar, should end shortly
– Alec pays around $24,000 a year
– Credit was given to RMB and Christian Gossett
– Alec’s achievements with Prelude were mentioned

It was not unexpected that Carlos, Shawn and Sandy would get a mention, almost every Axanar Confidential episode mentions at least one of the three or mentions terms like ‘Haters’.

Alec Peters said that Carlos Pedraza knows nothing about making a real film but a quick check of IMDb reveals that Carlos last two listed credits were as producer of two feature length movies.

I believe that Carlos film qualifications has been questioned in the past with the exact same result.

News of cast and crew are being withheld because of fears that people (presumably AxaMonitor members) will target them.

People were called ‘Unethical group of bullies and pathological liars’ and the thing is such behavior as targeting cast and crew is actually not encouraged or accepted and therefore I think it is a tactic to whip up a frenzy against those who question what is going on with Axanar.

The Bridge is around 98% complete, it seems to be hovering around this number for some time, they need to get two new .

Ares Studio now needs $3600 a month after the people next door to Ares moved and that means they don’t need Ares parking spaces and so Ares must pay full price again.

Alec said that Axanar is a hobby which people do know is true because it has not been full time since the time CBS rightfully pulled the carpet from every film makers feet to get them in line.

Some may wonder if Axanar is a hobby then what is Ares Studios?  A hobby that will eventually end or a business that will eventually grow because everyone knows unless you’re rich or have donors paying for your every fan film whim, a fan film hobby runs out of money sooner or later.

Bo Jackson is probably the last guy who made something out of his hobby and that was playing in the NFL.

A lot of uniforms are being made, the total is in the triple figures and Alec told listeners all about how they’ve come up with sizes.

Christian Gossett and Robert Meyer Burnett were mentioned towards the end and it was noted that Alec gives credit where credit is due.

The last part was a spirited defense of Alec’s participation in Prelude to Axanar as it is felt in some circles that his participation was minimal aside from being the face of the production.

There is more to Axanar than the pieces on Fan Film Factor or the posts of anger on Facebook, it’s in the Axanar Confidential videos and the verbal interviews, they tell the story, the story that make or break Axanar.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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