The Skew

September 14 2019

In the early hours of this morning, I received a very long message from Jonathan Lane commenting on ‘The Slipstream’ which was very nice of him to take the time to write such a long message because it must of taken ages and part of the message was saying that MTM’s readership is skewed therefore MTM is skewed against Axanar.

Unlike Fan Film Factor, MTM does not have a Facebook page or a Facebook group therefore there’s no self publicity being generated and nobody is asked to share posts for views.

Therefore, people have three choices, they either visit the page directly, people copy a link they’ve seen and share it on Facebook or they find the site on Google.

Anybody can come and read what I write, anybody can come and comment and their message will be accepted and it doesn’t matter if they are an Axanar fan or they don’t like Alec Peters or they are somebody trying to make sense of everything.

The only way a message will not be accepted is if the person is being a very rude person and that hasn’t happened yet.

A person is free to come here and state their point of view even if it the opposite of my own and the world will see their point of view and it will be answered after long consideration on how to answer.

So if people who aren’t fans of Axanar or Alec Peters come here more than people who do like one or both then that’s just how it is, it is a personal choice to be here, I cannot and will not tell somebody to come here and that when they do come they must think a certain way.

If something in the whole Axanar business doesn’t sound right to me, I will write why it does not make sense to me and if something makes sense to me then I’ll write about that, that’s it.

The perception of a ‘skew’ does not bother me as what happens is what happens, the psychological games does not bother me, the theatrics does not bother me because at the end of the day, the sun is going to rise tomorrow and I am still going to be here giving thoughts.

Until next time, be good to each other.


5 thoughts on “The Skew

  1. I’ve observed on FB that supporters of the Axanar short films don’t seem to type a lot in the open whereas those of us who read Axamonitor regularly type quite a bit. On FFF-FB, one admin has patrolled the discussion and stopped it if it becomes controversial (i.e., pro- and anti-Axanar fans cross rhetorical swords), with the result that no prolonged discussion of that type remains on FFF-FB. Even on pages like the Real Truth re: Axanar, which the rest of us can see since it is a public group, very few people comment there. Sussana Chrishom set up a FB page specifically to encourage pro- and anti-Axanar fans to meet in the middle and talk their views out. Even there, the majority of the commenters are Axamonitorians. Maybe the core Axanar fans’ position on things is settled and they don’t need to discuss them publicly. Maybe they have a closed redoubt somewhere on FB where they discuss events among themselves. In any event, the fact that most of your correspondents are Axamonitorians isn’t surprising to me.


    1. I don’t think it really matters where somebody comes from, even Carlos isn’t exclusive to AxaMonitor as you can find him at TRTAA.

      However those who have strong belief in Axanar are rarely here and that is their choice and that’s just the way it is.


    1. Perspectives should always be challenged in life, we cannot just accept things right off the bat and without giving things at least a little thought.

      There is nothing wrong with looking around, double or triple checking details, expressing doubt about something or offering new or different information.


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