One fifth there?

October 7 2019

Shoot one of Axanar is complete by all looks aside from needing to turn off the air conditioning for a bit to do some sound work etc on a scorching day and a request for water, all seemingly went well.

There is a feeling of triumphant in Axanar land, #AxanarTriumphant was seen in a couple of locations online.

They are underway at last, the last of the stacked with professionals fan films and few if any who have followed the Axanar story felt that Axanar would never shoot a second of film.

But all the celebrations, boasts and gloats are way premature, there could be four more shoots to go and if this was the Daytona 500, they’re celebrating winning the 500 at Lap 40.

Why is that bad? It’s bad because everyone who watches NASCAR knows that the big wrecks don’t really happen there until Lap 150 onwards when the cars all bunch up, take chances and start getting squirmy and finally the race isn’t over until the checkered flag flutters over the leader on Lap 200.

So there is still a long way to go so those celebrations got to hold off at least until next year.

But don’t forget there is a complication to this story because as everyone knows by now, CBS and Axanar have clashed over the botched press release and Ares Studios funding and with Alec Peters unwilling to bend over the funding issue which is understandable at $2,150 per month, arbitration (not mediation) between the two parties is going to happen.

Will CBS be generous and let things slide if it goes to arbitration or will they say that after eight breaches, it’s all over.

We might actually end up knowing very little if anything about any penalties given by CBS if they’re in the penalty giving mood because of the nature of arbitration but one thing we’ve learned about Axanar is that information is hard to keep locked up.

Backlash against CBS is expected but CBS has weathered the storm with all the unhappiness over Discovery over the last couple of years so they can handle the heat over Axanar because Star Trek is going to keep enduring on TV and streaming services long after the fan film takes its place in the ocean that is fan films.

Until next time, be good to each other.


9 thoughts on “One fifth there?

  1. Indeed. And all these filming weekends are meaningless until the final cut is released.

    At the end of the day, the finished film is ALL that matters.


  2. Well, they’ve filmed something at least and not many people deep down expected that. The level of scrutiny of what’s produced is going to be incredibly high and I expect that several people’s opinion on that are already pre-loaded.

    Personally, I just felt sorry for JG Hertzler.

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      1. Alec’s plan is to go and ask for $50k each time he does a filming session, via email to his private crowdfunding setup on Ares Digital, to get his planned $200k. So eventually there is going to be another 3 emailed crowdfunding campaigns asking for $50k each time.

        So he is taking a risk in doing it this way, especially if he is ‘self funding’ it. Or more looking like he got a bridge loan, from someone who doesn’t know Alec’s history.


      2. It’s an interesting strategy paying for something first either by personally paying, being gifted money or obtaining a loan and then have expectations that the fans will raise that amount so everything is square.


      3. If he whips up enough Anti-CBS feeling then it is very possible, a lot of comments about Axanar have digs at CBS about Discovery.


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