Business as Usual

Business resumed as usual at Axanar after they reportedly received an 8th Notice of Breach from CBS.

It is unknown whether this total is true as there has been no mention of any breaches until yesterday and there has been no copies of those letters shown online.

There shouldn’t be anything dramatic happening over the course of the weekend, no ‘detractors’ appearing at Ares Studios, CBS shouldn’t be making an appearance at Ares Studios, it should be a routine weekend just Axanar moves from pre-production to production.

Yesterday was spent reading up on all the opinions across Facebook and Twitter and there is quite a lot of opinion.

Some believe that the Notice of Breach was self inflicted, some believe that CBS is being nasty for picking on Axanar and that CBS should let Axanar do what they want to do or be welcomed into the CBS fold.

The majority of comments on Axanar are backing the production while those who raise objections or ask questions are in some cases being called ‘CBS Moles’ and one comment mentioned slurping noises.

Looking back at a few points, The Vulcan Scene has been declared as being ‘too good’ but this does not mean it was too good compared to what CBS was going to offer with Discovery but instead it was too good for what was considered acceptable for Fan Films.

Film Films used to be something fans used to do outside or in a house or garage with standard video cameras that captured ambient sounds such as traffic, they may not have been Hollywood quality but those who played a part enjoyed doing it.

Slowly but surely people decided to make sets in houses to look better and then sets were built in garages and then sets were built in warehouses and then they needed more professional cast and crew and this built up in productions until Axanar and Renegades were deluged with money and professionals.

Prelude to Axanar had an onscreen cast that was 83.33% professional, the only person who was not a professional was Alec Peters and Steve Jepson is not included because he appeared in a picture and therefore was more a prop (no offence).

If you owned an TV or Movie IP and you saw people paying homage to your property through amateur but earnest efforts you would most likely not be annoyed by it, you’d be charmed by it but when you see people building studios and getting people to pay for them and making your own merchandise etc then you would get annoyed because they’re making a future by making a variation of your property.

This isn’t like Hungry Jacks (Burger King) moving next to Jack’s Burger Shack to crush them out of business, this is Jack’s Burger Shack in this instance being a variation of Hungry Jacks and setting up shop in a Hungry Jacks store and thinking that Hungry Jacks would be cool with it.

Axanar didn’t need to mention that they have received eight notices of breach letters in two and a half years unless they were trying to whip up a frenzy among those who detest CBS for defending their rights.

If mentioning the notices was to whip up a frenzy against CBS then they’ve got what they wanted.

Axanar didn’t need to put in ‘Independent Star Trek Film’ in their press release but they did and the whole world knew writing it would grab the wrong kind of attention as it did in the past and it did.

Axanar didn’t need to say they would follow the spirit of the settlement as there is only one way to deal with a settlement and that is by following the settlement to the letter.

Axanar got the deal of the decade, they were allowed to keep their professionals which gives them an advantage post guidelines, they could quietly build up a stack of cash and are able to have more than $50,000 to spend on their production and they would be miles ahead of the post guideline pack.

Who knows what the future will bring, maybe CBS will just let things slide or maybe they’ll get fed up and put a stop to it once and for all, one thing is for sure and that is a conclusion is coming.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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