A Big Week

October 11 2019

Axanar is in a good mood at the moment, basking in the success of the first shoot that taken place last weekend.

The funding for that shoot is now at $12,077, JP of Egotastic Funtime says that Alec Peters fronted the money himself in his video for Axanar which suggests that fans are paying that money back otherwise the funding would have been for Shoot #2.

Meanwhile the clock continues to tick down for Axanar to abide by CBS’s notice and shut down Ares Studios’ Patreon campaign.

Alec Peters has refused to do so, meanwhile the campaign currently sits on $2,164 per month from 233 patrons.

Six minutes from Day One of the Axanar Live Stream has been edited out including the section where JG Hertzler was knocking to be let in after he went to get ice and water from next door.

The edited sections were saved with Trekzone releasing audio of the edited section before the editing, Matt Miller and Alec Peters exchanged words on the subject on Facebook but Alec did not return to continue the conversation.

According to a comment on Trekzone, the doors were locked to the sound-stage but there was an unlocked down further down and JG was shushed by a volunteer at the request of security who didn’t know who it was outside.

The total number of Notices of Breach that have been sent to Axanar by CBS is in dispute as Alec Peters said on video that it was eight, Axanar’s Twitter and Facebook accounts said eight and then it was revised down to six with Axanar saying ‘six unique notices’

Axanar discusses the Notice of Breach in the blog entry ‘CBS Can’t Sue Axanar‘ and it is now clear to everyone that if anything happens it will go to Arbitration and not a lawsuit.

Alec Peters has made the claim in The Real Truth About Axanar that “Van Citters and CBS have conspired with Carlos.” when discussion was on a comment John Van Citters made in the past.

Haters are considered to be “butthurt” and Alec Peters has once again on The Real Truth About Axanar has called them bozos for writing on the ‘CBS Can’t Sue Axanar Post’.

Meanwhile Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters and family are still trading words about who owes who money and who has done what, the two started to come to legal blows before it mysteriously faded into nothing.

Over at AxaMonitor’s FB page, discussion has been going on about a claim that those who have visited all the trek sets say that no bridge set is better made or is as nice as the Ares Bridge and so this means that Warp 66, Neutral Zone Studios and the set in Ticonderoga are all inferior.

Discussion is also on whether people talking about the fundraising on YouTube either by Axanar Confidential or other sources makes it public instead of private.

Discussion was also made about the uniforms which are considered to be ill-fitting and of poor quality, the fascination about the uniforms has been a little over the top.

Jonathan Lane has explained how he got around the problem of not having Tony Todd to reprise his role as Admiral Ramirez in Interlude and AxaMonitor’s FB page discussed the potential issues that his explanation may cause.

Name calling is at a high level at this time from both sides of the fence from bozo to suggesting that Alec Peters is used to pounding sand in some way, shape, or form.

That’s just some of the things that have happened in the last couple of days, remember to also look around to get a complete story.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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