October 16 2019

Fan Film Factor released a report today on Axanar’s fundraising start and while some are looking at Alec’s comments about paying the $75,000 for the first three days of filming Axanar and what the crowdfunding will do in regards to squaring most of the financial cost for that shoot and the next but that is not what got my attention.

A look at Axanar’s website has a blog entry called “Crowdfunding for Axanar: What we are and are not allowed to do(part of it is in the FFF report)and one section in particular got my attention.

“Axanar Productions cannot publicly solicit donations on our main website, through our Facebook pages, on YouTube, in blog or podcast interviews, etc.  We cannot place online ads or make posts saying, “Go to this link to donate to Axanar.”

We cannot utilize public services such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe.  We can’t get a table at a convention and ask for donations.  We can’t even put a “DONATE NOW TO FUND AXANAR” button on the main page of our Axanar.com website.”

What’s the problem with this? Just three days ago Axanar posted the following on the Axanar page on Facebook.


As you can see, there is a line there that says “You can donate to Axanar at https://aresdigital.axanar.com/” this line contradicts what Alec says which is “We cannot place online ads or make posts saying, “Go to this link to donate to Axanar.”

It tells you that you can donate and it tells you where you can donate and if you look on the website there is an Ares Digital link.

I have a feeling that October 13 comment will soon disappear, it would be a good idea especially if you’re looking for less things for CBS to nail you for.

There is progress being made in what Axanar says, the crowdfunding blog entry says “we have been extremely careful to follow all of these rules” instead of the past few weeks of saying of saying things like they’d follow the spirit of the settlement which seriously was a bad idea to say.

Perhaps they’ve finally understood that CBS is serious about the settlement they signed with Alec and Axanar Productions and Alec and Axanar Productions are eager to ensure that they are playing by the rules they signed up to.

Fan Productions have to be careful in what they say at all times, no production can make stupid boasts or make constant contradictions especially Axanar who now has CBS looking right at them wondering whether to eat them through Arbitration or leave them be.

Until next time, be good to each other.


6 thoughts on “Oops

  1. I got the feeling that is being deliberately done. It will be taken down once Alec get a notice of breach letter, until then, it gets milked.


    1. We now know that hatred against CBS is very lucrative for people so it is plausible that such posts could be used as a red rag for CBS to charge at which would generate sympathy from people who hate corporations.

      Interesting that the fundraising is spluttering along, sometimes it does $1000-1500 per day and sometimes it gets $200-300.

      I think it is because there is no perks aside from the AxaBucks which sound very vague and also probably a no-no .

      We’ll see how long this obeying CBS completely lasts for.


      1. Probably find the Axabucks is to get rid of old stock of badges he over ordered from the Kickstarter campaign and what ever is there from the Indegogo or Patreon. Maybe the odd AxaCoffee, Prelude soundtrack on CD. Prelude on DvD.

        Ever since the C/P lawsuit dropped, Alec seem to have an attitude of more worried about humiliation than to show humility. So he taken a attitude of ‘haters and detractors’ to those who ask a simple question that Alec doesn’t want to answer and having supporters removed, questions deleted.

        There are many other things that happen too. Alec saying we will go all the way to the federal high court to appeal, only to take settlement. Spending more time talking about his haters, instead of just making Axanar. Lawsuits against former associates, trying to get someone fired from The Orvile. Alleged theft of Mrs Hutzel. Owing loans and back pay. Notices of breaches. Not to mention, the odd name calling you like to point out.

        And yet I have to talk about finances. The IGG and KS campaigns, private donations via paypal and from convention booths. Save Industries Studios/ move to Atlanta crowdfunding. The current patreon plus superchat. Be a good $2mil there already. Throw in the OWC sponsorship on the side.

        And now he is asking for another $70,000 out of the planned $200,000 through private crowdfunding to get Axanar done.

        It been 5 years since prelude, with a lot of people being put off and millions of dollars put into Axanar with no finished product. Would you that will have a impact to keep showing further financial support or support all together?


      2. Alec has the Anti-CBS crowd on his side aside from the ones that like Vic.

        This crowd seem to have no problem throwing money at Alec or Anas or MechaRandom42 or anyone like them again and again until they decide to stop one day into the future.

        Sometimes this whole saga feels like a game of whack-a-mole and when one Axanar wrong pops up, it gets hit, it disappears and a new one appears.

        CBS trolls, CBS shills and CBS paid bullies seem to be the new buzzwords to generate support and finances.

        Donors don’t care how many issues Axanar has, they think Axanar is the savior of Star Trek and that deserves all the money and support in the world.


      3. It won’t be as strong for Alec with the Anti-CBS crowd. Even now he is down to one of the youtubers who still by his side. Doomcock has walked away after the notice of breech was made public and read the Axamonitor coverage about it. Just have to look at the Anas GFM to see that it has double the support than what Axanar has.

        It is more by Alec’s own hand, is the reason for his problems. Nobody else.


      4. The support is still strong enough, Ares Digital isn’t smashing records but the cash register is still frequently ringing daily.

        Alec is one lucky guy, that deposition video would normally scare off 99% of donors in the world but the hatred of CBS is so strong that the video has done no damage to his financial prospects when it comes to seeking $70,000+ for Axanar.

        Look at Anas posting those vile emails he received, he says they are from Star Trek Discovery fans and he immediately whips up a frenzy of anger and support from those who don’t like Discovery even though he has no proof.

        Press the right buttons and you’ll have indefinite support.


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