Back into Gear

December 18 2019

Axanar’s fundraiser had been spluttering along in recent weeks but it appears to have gotten back into gear as it has already passed last weeks total of $1,150 in just three days.

They’re still $16,225 behind their target and they still got the big funding push to go and as written about earlier, I don’t think the slowness is because of haters but a change in how Star Trek is now received by fans now it is on TV streaming services instead of relying on Fan Productions.

If they get $1,000 a week from now, the bill for the first two shoots will be settled by April 2020.

Meanwhile, Interlude’s film crew had a mishap recently when they wrecked a green screen they were using and it didn’t belong to Ares Studios but instead belonged to Axanar’s Director Paul Jenkins.

The mishap was fixed thanks to fan generosity allowing the bill to be paid and now everything is back to normal.

Interlude isn’t as talked about as Axanar because Interlude is a pretty straight forward production and apart from the green screen mishap there hasn’t been any chaos or questionable actions taking place.

Axanar is looking to do new patches and make them canon in the Axanar Universe, it has got the curiosity and creativity of fans.

Personally I wonder if they’d only be used for fan films and if the designer would be aware that they could be sold online and there’s a question about a financial share plus there is a possibility it may breach copyright laws with certain words being used etc.

In exactly two weeks time we will be in 2020, twelve whole months to see if Axanar will come out in that year or not.

Perhaps the craziest fan production ride in history will be over and done with and The Do’s and Do Not’s will be written out so nobody embarks on a similar journey ever again.

Time will tell.

Until next time, be good to each other.


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