Fandom and Money

December 9 2019

Axanar completed Shoot #2 on the weekend and there is apparently just two more to go, either that is a mistake or a change in plans as earlier reports had that there was five shoots in total.

They also had Axacon, a convention where there were panels, guests but no attendees, a completely online experience.

Meanwhile the October fundraiser is only two-thirds of the way through of its $60,000 target, there is yet to be a boost from Shoot #2 or Axacon.

Some believe that ‘haters’ will be blamed for the money totals not going through the roof but it is not the ‘haters’ fault.

It is the fault of no one.

The Star Trek world (and the world in general) has changed since Axanar came onto the scene, there was no current Star Trek shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime etc at the peak of Axanar-mania but soon there will be two.

Fan productions between 2005 and 2017 filled in a giant need that fans had for Star Trek on TV, you could go on YouTube and watch New Voyages or Continues or Farragut and so on and so forth and quite possibly be satisfied with what you saw though it wasn’t big, fully professional and expensive television.

Now fans can watch any of the six past or present Star Trek series online as much as they want and any time they want compared to the days of Free to Air TV etc.

Another reason is that there are less people who hate CBS then it appears, those who hate CBS are usually found to also hate the way Disney has run Star Wars and they make a pile of money from hammering their points of view online almost to the point of tears and visible trembling.

Most fans understand that is impossible for any creator to please all seven billion people on this planet, you give the production your best shot and hope that it would please the majority of the people.

I can guarantee you the reader of this that if those who complain about Star Trek and Star Wars etc wrote, produced or directed an episode or movie that they would not have 100% support and people would be complaining, it is fact.

Star Trek has had its share of stinker episodes and lackluster movies and Star Wars has had a movie or two that made people upset but the sun still rose the next morning and shortly after another episode or movie was in front of you waiting for your judgement.

Back to Axanar, the not as big as hoped for spending (unless the Ares Studios Store is thriving?) of money by fans no doubt puts pressure on Axanar to be completed but Axanar always seems to find a way out of a mess and roll on forward, the future will be interesting.

Until next time, be good to each other


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